Stupidest Role-playing Games

  • March 05, 2010
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The World of Synnibarr

Look, this game may have a ridiculous title (we ate Synnibars for lunch with some o-renj juis and a side of toest). It may be so ridiculous it has equations to figure out how hard you exhale. It may be outrageously busted.

the world of synnibarr

But dammit, it has flying grizzly bears with laser beam eyes. FLYING GRIZZLY BEARS WITH LASER BEAM EYES. That is simultaneously the stupidest, the most terrifying, and most awesome thing we've ever heard. Raven McCracken, we salute you.


Empire of Satanis

Normally, we'd be worried about making fun of a bald man with a scepter, because movies have taught us their danger. But, hey, it deserves a special mention here for two reasons.

First, this is an RPG where you play Cthulu, or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof. Yes, this is a game where you go out and torture humans. This is the writer's idea of fun.

empire of satanis

Secondly, the author responded to bad reviews by cursing the reviewers. Not as in swearing at them, as in he tried to destroy their lives with black magic. We have to give him credit: that's the best response to criticism we've ever heard.

Written by Dan Seitz – Copyrighted © Image Sources

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