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  • April 03, 2010
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Chocolate Donut Beer

This beer seems like something that comes right out of the Simpsons because it is definitely the combination of Homer’s favorite things, beer and chocolate donuts. This beer is more for a novelty factor than for a beer that you might want to constantly drink. It has a large froth and a distinct dark chocolate smell and taste that really make it stand out as a very strange beer. If you love donuts and chocolate this is a beer that you have to try at least once.

chocolate donut beer


Krait Champagne Beer

This beer is actually served in a champagne style bottle and is a combination that may have sophisticated pallets in an uproar. Beer is considered to be something that should never be mixed with wine but the makers of this beer decided that was not true. They mixed these two opposing forces in order to create this Champagne beer which is sold in countries all over the world and has a unique taste that is really changing minds about combining the flavors of beer and wine. If you want to be classy and still enjoy that beer taste then this is probably just what you have been looking for. This is a beer worthy of a celebration.

krait champagne beer


Tutankhamen Ale

This is perhaps one of the most unique beers in existence. This beer was created from a recipe found within the temple of Queen Nefertiti. The beer is actually created from an ancient wheat that existed during the time of the ancient Eygptians and Coriander. The creators of this beer only had supplies for 1,000 bottles which means that it is very rare and very limited. The first bottle of the beer sold in England for $7,200. So it is not only old and rare, but also very expensive. One thing is for certain this is a beer that has a taste unlike any other.

tutankhamen ale


Laughing Gas Beer

This is another strange beer but this one is something that has yet to even be approved for sale. Why? Because this beer is made with infusions of nitrous oxide, which is supposed to make whoever drinks it laugh. The gas only lasts a few seconds but the hope is that it will ease the stress of Israeli drinkers and make social outings even more fun. While this Czech beer may be a long way from hitting the shelves or bars the concept behind it is very unique and we can only hope to see it materialize someday. Even better the makers are doing the same thing with vodka, so all nights out might become even more interesting in the years to come.

laughing gas beer

These beers are truly unique and sometimes very hard to find. But they serve their purpose of making nights out even more fun and memorable. Beer has always been seen as a way to relieve stress and bring people closer together in a way that promotes fun and celebration. These beers certainly do that and then some.

Written by Stephanie Schoppert – Copyrighted © Image Sources

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