Six Brands in the Movies You Can't Find in the Store

  • September 01, 2010
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OK, we admit it, we're cheating a little with this one, as Acme only tends to turn up in cartoons, but we couldn't do an article like this one without paying tribute to the one, the only, the original Brand X of the small screen.

Acme is the original in-joke. The name, of course, has an actual meaning: the highest level or degree attainable, i.e. the best. Of course, most people didn't actually realize this joke until years later, which didn't stop every single defective product on the planet from coming from the Acme Corporation. Including that dip that nearly killed Roger Rabbit.


Oceanic Airlines

oceanic airlines

Now that "Lost" has ended, its fans are no doubt hungry for more, partially because that series finale answered absolutely no questions whatsoever and was also pretty much the lamest series finale this side of "The X-Files" flaming out. Seriously, what was that?

Anyway, fans of the series might like to explore the history of Oceanic Airlines. There have been a lot of fake airlines in movie history, although enough airlines have failed or don't carry passengers that movies can just buy them up. "Airplane!", for example, wasn't going to fly Delta, so they got a freight airliner to volunteer for the movie.

Similarly, "Lost" wasn't going to be allowed to blow any functioning airline out of the sky, so they simply tapped into a brand created by, of all things, a Steven Seagal movie, "Executive Decision". OK, it's more of a Kurt Russell movie, but if you haven't seen it, you really should, it's a neat little thriller.


Da Bomb

da bomb

Unlike most of our brands on this list, this one being on here is, uh, less than a surprise, considering it comes from the biting racial satire of one Spike Lee.

Spike Lee's a pretty contentious guy, and he likes to tackle how black people are presented by the media. Which, almost inevitably, will include a mention of the stereotype of black people exclusively enjoying malt liquor. Which is shameful, because nobody should stereotype an entire group of people based solely on the tastes of Billy Dee Williams and his love of Colt .45:

Anyway, as you might have guessed, Da Bomb is intended to satirize exactly how racist some ads might be. Although why fine, respectable malt liquor companies wouldn't want to be associated with this:

…we have absolutely no idea whatsoever. It seems perfectly respectable to us! Then again, they might be a little sensitive after getting busted for selling malt liquor to teenagers. That tends to put a crimp in your public image.

Know any other BS brands we might have missed? Angry about your lousy Acme pogo-car? Post a comment below! Written by Dan Seitz – Copyrighted © Image Sources

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