Six Annoying Chores That Used to Be Much Worse

  • May 25, 2010
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Cleaning the windows


I can see my house from here! No, wait, that's just a semi-sentient life form growing on the window.

Why it's annoying now: What strange substance do they make glass out of that it always invariably looks dirtier after you've "cleaned" it than when you started? It's like there's some sort of a chemical reaction that occurs when pieces of cloth touch the surface that instantly make it all streaky. And yes, we know that there is no possible chemical reaction that can occur between silica and fabric, but still.

Why it used to be much worse: Hmm, how about a nice little case of lead poisoning to top off your fruitless glass-cleaning adventure? That's right, for a long time they used lead in window paint, before they found out that lead is actually super deadly - especially for little kids. Yeah, lead's a douche like that.

Who wouldn't mind the old-fashioned way: Fashionistas, who are used to getting plenty of lead from the kohl they use to line their eyes.


Washing clothes


It's not laundry until I say it's laundry.

Why it's annoying now: Here's another chore that you get stuck with just for existing. There is literally no way to keep your clothes clean without not wearing them (which might be uncomfortable for all the people around you) or taking approximately fifty showers a day.

Why it used to be much worse: Does the word "mangle" mean anything to your? The dictionary definition of the term is "To mutilate or disfigure by battering, hacking, cutting, or tearing." Oh and also, "a mechanical laundry aid". That's right, the word that has come to be associated with one of the worst things that can happen to the human body is brought to you by the original washing machine.

Who wouldn't mind the old-fashioned way: Masochists (who else would ever voluntarily put themselves in the path of something called a "mangle?)




Sometimes just looking at them is annoying.

Why it's annoying now: So you just finished vacuuming the carpet, and you turn around to see that someone's tracked dirt all over it again. Can it not stay clean for just one fraction of a second? Not to mention the fact that you have to pick up all the junk you left lying around before you can even start vacuuming.

And who really cares, anyway? It's not like we eat off the floors, we just walk on them. We should just let them collect all that dirt. Soon enough they'll be so filthy that no one will even notice a little extra...

Why it used to be much worse: Yeah, about that...

People did used to have dirt floors. You probably knew this. But did you also know that they had to sweep those dirt floors?

You heard right. They had to try and make the dirt floors not dirty. Can you imagine your mom handing you the vacuum cleaner and telling you to go and tidy up the front yard? The worst part about chores is that they never seem to be done. With this one, you can rest assured that you'll never even really get started.

Who wouldn't mind the old-fashioned way: Dirty hippies, who think that dirt floors are a great way of "going green."

Written by Emma Larkins – Copyrighted © Image Sources

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