Six Allegedly Haunted Hotels

  • October 27, 2010
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Castle Leslie


No list of supposedly haunted hotels would be complete without a castle. This particular edifice, located in Ireland and serving as home to the Leslie family for more than a century, is beautiful enough to have attracted the likes of Paul McCartney, who held his wedding to Heather Mills there in 2002.

Guests who have resided at the castle insist that many of its former inhabitants have been so taken with its beauty that they simply refused to leave. Long dead members of the Leslie family have been spotted on the grounds, especially in the infamous “Red Room,” where the figure of a tall grey man has been known to urge noisy visitors to be quiet.


Hotel del Coronado


The Hotel del Coronado, located in San Diego, California, has had quite a history since it first opened in 1888. Guests to the hotel include such notable individuals as Barack Obama, Thomas Edison, Charlie Chaplin, and author of The Wizard of Oz L. Frank Baum, who often wrote at the hotel.

Additionally, the hotel has served as the setting for novels, movies, even music videos.

However, among certain circles of people, the hotel may be most known for its alleged haunting. As the story goes, a young woman by the name of Kate Morgan checked into one of the rooms of the hotel to meet her husband. After a few days, he did not arrive, and Mrs. Morgan was found dead in her room, having suffered a bullet wound to the head. Although her death was widely believed to be a suicide, some claim that the coroner thought differently, as the caliber bullet that killed her was not the same as the type that her gun would fire.

Whether or not her death was the result of suicide or murder, many believe that Kate Morgan remains in the hotel. Visitors who have stayed in the room where she died report bizarre phenomena, such as flickering lights and objects which seem to move on their own.

The story has become so popular that the owners of the hotel are happy to embrace it, mentioning the tale on their own website.


Skirvin Hotel


The Skirvin Hotel in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is creepy enough to convince the New York Knicks that it is haunted. Last January, after playing poorly during a game, several team members blamed their performance on lack of sleep; they claimed they were too scared to catch any rest while staying at the hotel.

Although hauntings may not be the only thing keeping the Knicks from winning games, luckily for them, this isn’t the first time people have suggested that a ghost resides in the hotel.

Some say that the first owner of the hotel impregnated one of the maids, and in a convoluted effort to conceal the affair, hid her in one of the top floors, where she gave birth and slowly went insane, eventually jumping to her death with her baby in her arms.

True or not, the story has worked its way into guest’s minds, and many claim to hear a crying baby and to see the nude spirit of a female.

No one knows if ghosts are real, but it’s always fun to hear these stories anyway. Hotels are often historic places, and to some, it may be reasonable to assume that the past has a way of sticking around.

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