Seven Strange Novelty Albums

  • December 18, 2010
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Piledriver: The Wrestling Album 2

During the WWF's golden days someone had the brilliant idea of releasing wrestling albums. Initially this was simply collections of wrestling theme music, which makes sense. Soundtracks are popular, right? But this quickly devolved into wrestlers actually singing songs, which is a good idea on paper if you never actually look at it and immediately burn it.

For reference, Piledriver is the second music release by the WWF. Why choose the second over the first? Because of the cover:


A bewildered Hulk Hogan is seen here escaping the dreaded piledriver mines with his mustache and sanity barely intact. How would you like to be going through the racks at your local record store only to have that stare back at you?

The album is only eight tracks long, but what an eight tracks they are. Chief among them are “Mean” Gene Okerlund's charming rendition of Rock n' Roll Hoochie Koo:


And the then all-stars of the WWF roster coming together to describe what one can only assume is a threat of sexual violence:


Crazy Frog's Crazy Hits

Sometimes it takes years for the perfect plan to come together. In 1997, Daniel Malmedahl recorded himself impersonating a combustible engine and uploaded it to the internet. Seven years later, Erik Wernquist created a computer animation to be paired with the sound. Originally entitled “Annoying Thing,” the marketability of a hideous creature babbling incoherently was recognized by Ringtone Europe. The company promptly licensed the character and renamed it Crazy Frog. It should be noted that most Europeans have never actually seen a frog.


It doesn't look like this at all, people.

Originally used to shill ringtones, Crazy Frog was soon producing music somehow, making its trademark irritating sounds over once popular music in what can only be described as the worst thing to happen to music since Mark David Chapman.


Sorry, John.

Perhaps the saddest thing about Crazy Frog's musical outings is that people actually bought into it. In fact, the fictional frog earning a whopping eight platinum records. People will jump through hoops of fire to avoid paying for a Metallica album but they're all too willing to hand over cash for the sounds of someone babbling over Ice, Ice, Baby.


And yet somehow Europeans continue to look down on other countries for not having enough culture.


Golden Throats

Hey kids! Do you like popular music? Then you're going to love it even more when celebrities butcher it for their own amusement! In this spirit, the fine people of Rhino Records bring you Golden Throats, a four volume collection of “oh my god, what just happened?” The collection features such beloved talent as:

William Shatner:

Leonard Nimoy, better known as being Spock/Not Spcok:

And legendary boxer and notable Manilla Thrilla, Cassius Clay:


You see, the joke is that they don't sing very well. Somehow the joke doesn't wear thin after four albums, except that it does. In fact, the fourth album “Celebrities Butcher the Beatles” is the only tribute album that can somehow surpass dogs barking over “Drive My Car” in sheer terribleness.


Look at what you did, Shatner.


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