Popular Cartoon Characters…with Major Issues

  • November 18, 2010
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The Powerpuff Girls is an Emmy nominated cartoon about three crime fighting girls (with frighteningly large eyes and disturbingly scrawny arms) who have superpowers and defend the people of Townsville. The show features Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. They were created by Professor Utonium who creepily wanted to make "the perfect little girls" by using sugar, spice, and you guessed it - everything nice. The addition of “Chemical X” into his Frankenstein-ish mixture accidentally gave each of the three girl’s freak superpowers. Isn’t that always the case?


No bother, it was all good.


One of the main criticisms hurled toward the PowerPuff girls has often been its supposed excessive violence. In fact, back in 2002 when the PowerPuff Girls movie hit theaters some critics applauded the film's positive message of girl power but many a parent felt the flick was overshadowed by the girls being far too violent to serve as role models.


So the question is - are we looking at yet another double standard (many male centered heroic cartoon shows are brimming with violence) or are the girls truly over the top? We suppose it’s debatable, but the fact that it’s even an issue does raise suspicions. The show has included characters spewing blood from their mouths when hit and most notably Buttercup has been accused of using excessive brutal force.For example, in one famous episode a distraught Bubbles loudly declared “mercy is for weak” and proceeded to pummel a poor dog?

Whoa, when’s the last time we saw He-Man, Lion-O or even a GI-Joe beat a giant slug or a canine to near death before having to be restrained? Clever satirical commentary or pure sadistic violence, you be the judge.




Lastly, we’ll discuss arguably the most popular cartoon character of all time. Bugs Bunny was made famous in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons. He’s a fan favorite from the Golden Age of American animation. For the time being we’ll try not to think about the fact that said previously mentioned golden age unfortunately also contained some racially insensitive moments. For better or worse Bugs and many other early cartoons were products of their time.

As far as Bugs basic character goes he’s the iconic prankster rabbit whose catchphrase is "Eh...what's up, doc?", usually spouted while chomping down on a carrot. How much more sugary sweet can a cartoon bunny be?


Brace yourself... he’s been plotting your violent demise for quite some time.


Now lets take a look at his other popular phrases which include "Of course you realize, this means war" and "Ain't I a stinker?". Perhaps what Bugs really means when spewing these subtle war cries is “Your f***ing a** is MINE” and “Aint I a vindictive son of a b****? Yes, Bugs is a prankster at heart, but he also clearly has a very cruel and nasty streak, even for a cartoon character. Just take a quick look at his main nemesis Elmer Fudd. This sad dimwit can barely tie his shoes without setting his face on fire. Although he’s a hunter he is clearly zero threat to Bugs.

In one of the more famous toons "A Wild Hare" we witness Bugs usual malicious antics. Upon encountering the bumbling Elmer Fudd the devil in cuddly disguise proceeds to disarm poor Elmer by tying his rifle in a knot (thus defying the laws of physics in demonic fashion), abruptly scream in Fudd's ear "I AM A WABBIT!" (possibly causing severe ear damage), he gives Fudd a full kiss on the lips (sexual harassment and forced bestiality) and eventually drives him insane, leaving him a babbling mess.


A man severely emasculated by a rabbit on a daily basis.

Bugs other "enemies" (victims) mostly fall into the same category of being completely incompetent and inept at every level humanly possible. What it boils down to is Bugs being the biggest douche in the forest who gets off on torturing those who never stood a chance against him. Of course he is “loved” by fans worldwide…much like the mob the “love” is basically a defense we all employ in hopes that he doesn’t spring to life, invade our home and blow up our car in some “hilarious” fashion.


Written by Anthony Quaglia – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com

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