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10 Absolutely Baffling Celebrity Cameos in Music Videos

10 Apr, 2014

Believe it or not, music videos are actually things that still exist, despite the fact that channels like MTV would have you believe otherwise. Celebrities popping up in a music video are never particularly surprising. If, for example, you saw LeBron James pop up in a hip hop video, it would make...

8 Worst Musical Attempts by Celebrities

03 Mar, 2014

A lot of successful people get to the point where they’re on top of their profession and start to get bored and want a new challenge, or want to use their fame and fortune to try to turn what should be a hobby into a full blown second career. Unfortunately for our ears, in many cases that means...

6 Soul Crushing Classic Television Theme Show Songs

01 Apr, 2013

TV themes in the 2000’s mostly consist of instrumentals. The 90’s had lighthearted pop or short jingles. But back in the day, TV execs funneled all the horror and pain they weren’t allowed to make characters endure right into those opening credits…

4 Bizarre Pop Music Conspiracy Theories

05 Dec, 2012

Pop music attracts its share of crazy. Much like UFOs and JFK, we can’t help but believe there’s something deeper going on when it comes to the people that keep us mildly entertained while we’re in the car.

5 Great Soundtracks Made for Horrible Movies

11 Jan, 2012

Film composers have a tough job. When they’re good at doing their job you might not even notice them because they’re so good at immersing you in the experience. And when the movie is complete crap, nobody is going to go see it just for the score... even if it kicks as much ass as these did.

4 Strange Tidbits in Popular Music Videos

31 Aug, 2011

Initially conceived as a means to sell the associated song, music videos soon achieved such popularity that they've became an art form of their own. Videos

5 Image Changes by Musicians (That Failed)

20 Jul, 2011

Most artists that have experienced any longevity in their career have undergone some sort of stylistic change. It's only natural that interests would change,

8 Memorable Rock Songs From Movies

18 Jul, 2011

What makes a movie great? There are many factors that go into determining whether a given movie is deemed unforgettable or merely watchable by the general

7 Memorable Rap and Hip-Hop Songs From Movies

05 Jul, 2011

The music played in movie soundtracks tends to represent the times in which those movies are made. It's only in the last couple of decades that rap and hip-hop

5 Rock N' Roll Urban Legends (That Are True)

23 May, 2011

There's something about the music industry that makes every story seem plausible. Sadly, a vast majority of the stories were told about popular musicians simply