Meet Drew Beam and His Wicked Drawings

Posted on November 16, 2009
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drew beam photo

Me in 27.1 seconds:

Ever since I can remember I have always been drawing. I realized at the age of 4 that my drawings could make people laugh and my concepts could change minds – I was hooked. It was 1989 and I was 12. I decided to make my art pay off by starting my own freelance illustration and design company, painting on jean jackets and the occasional handsaw. I got a BFA in illustration from Rhode Island School of Design. I've been a consultant /designer/ and producer to brands from huge to tiny, designing and creating business strategies. I've been an art teacher of tots and teens for 4 years. I love: drawing silliness, designing t-shirts, designing jewelry, writing music, producing videos, carving wood, animating, designing apparel, designing wacky amusement park rides, any instrument with strings, storytelling, using any medium that's around, Amy, my dog Stuart, cat Mothra, and turtles Douglas and Pearl. Basically I’m in love with everything and jumping to share.

Don't miss Drew's Website! 1. What is your best moment of the day? What do you do for relaxation?

My best moment of the day is when I first wake up - usually I have very bizarre dreams during the night and I take the morning to walk my dog and begin playing with my dreams and imagination on paper. Also I love creating late at night when the world is asleep and I have no distractions. For relaxation I guess if I'm stressed, juggling helps break up any blocks. I'm avid player of my instruments and they allow me to physically act out any emotions and energy that needs to be released.

wall of weird

2. Describe your current surrounding.

Well my surrounding: to my left is a life size anatomical skeleton model and monster cabinet of art supplies, to my right a taxidermy falcon and some crazy crystals and stones, behind me a ukulele, auto harp, 2 electric guitars, 3 acoustic guitars, banjo synthesizers, and half finished wood carvings, on the floor my dog at my feet, on my desk my cat, in front of me words being typed on my computer and a sticker photo of me with my fiance.

return of the gods show

3. Do you like reading books, magazines, etc.?

I'm a ferocious skimmer when it comes to books. I take what only what I think I can use. I love naturalist books, poetry, totally adore Mome and anything published for that matter by Fantagraphics, catalogues of old master's paintings like: John Singer Sargent, Bernini, Norman Rockwell, Francis Bacon, eh too many to list

4. When you were child, did you want to become artist or you wanted something else?

Yup. Always knew I wanted to make pictures.

talking creatures

5. Why are you an artist, and when did you first become one?

I dunno why I am an artist, but I sure dig making my stuff. Ever since I was capable of holding a crayon in my hand.

wii love the queen

6. Could you tell us something more about your work?

Basically I want to laugh and be moved throughout this life of mine and all I wanna do is create work that makes you feel that way too.


7. Describe your style and how it would someone else describe it, your best friend for instance?

My style? (stumped) I really like to work with many different mediums and trains of thought. Each project has it's own style to me from cartoons to paintings. Thematically I guess wit would be my driver that I strive to have for any piece and so if someone said my work was witty and exciting that would pretty much make my day.

churchill 212

8. Please describe an evolution of your work from your first projects to today.

Phase1: weird and silly. Phase2: fine art. Phase3: back to weird and silly.

beauty queen

9. What was your first project that has given you the most satisfaction?

Designing humorous animated commercials for Discovery channel when I was 19.

beauty queen gorilla

10. Do you have any future ideas or projects waiting for you?

Working on a bunch of animated television show concepts, an illustrated book, and blowing your mind.


11. Who would you like to draw?

VH1 (I love drawing their circus reality characters), Rob Dyrdek (he needs me to paint a classical portrait of him), Matt Stone and Trey Parker, Funny Garbage!, Williams Street, Comedy Central, Obama, the ridiculously rich, your mom...

new math einstein

12. Is there anyone who has influence at your work?

Caravaggio, Electric Light Orchestra, Walt Disney, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, Mom and Dad, Stevie Wonder, Andrew Wyeth, Hokusai, Jim Henson, Thin Lizzy, Norman Rockwell, Steve Martin, Gary Numan, and a ridiculous rainbow of many more.


13. What other interests do you have outside of creating art?

Sculpting, practicing massage therapy, wood carving, writing music, baking, eating, sleeping

geisha painting

14. How have you handled the business side of being an artist?


15. What are the best and worst parts of being artist?

Best: You are doing what you love. Worst: If you are in love with your life and work, there can be no worst.

16. What advice would you give to the young artists?

Eat your vegetables. Be strong and patient– you may need it at times. Remember you said yes to being an artist so enjoy and love being one. Write me – tell me a story, ask me a question.

17. If you have to add something more, please do it. Thanks so much Weird Worm for the interview. Cheers- Drew Thank you Drew! Don't miss Drew's Website! Other artist's portfolios:

Fahrenheit 212 Gallery

fahrenheit212 gallery All images were presented at Weird Worm in agreement with the author.

Exclusive interview © Weird Worm. Interviewer Jovan Maric


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