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7 Weird Ways People Try to Get Drunk

13 Apr, 2014

People like their booze, and have for centuries upon centuries. It’s not a secret that basically as long as there have been human beings roaming the Earth, there have been human beings trying to find ways to get good and liquored up. And apparently, we as a species have gotten bored with the...

8 Ways Science Says Sex Is the Best Medicine

12 Apr, 2014

With a few odd exceptions, people love sex. Sex sells, people enjoy watching it, and more importantly, people enjoy having it. That’s because sex makes you feel good, and it turns out it makes you feel good in more ways than just the obvious. It turns out there are actually a lot of healthy...

8 Absurdly Innovate Ways People Have Built Homes

17 Mar, 2014

It seems like these days most homes are of the cookie cutter variety. Drive around any neighborhood and the houses all look the same, and apartments aren’t much better. There’s simply not much by way of originality or uniqueness out there when it comes to the real estate market. Except it turns...

10 Urban Legends Some People Actually Still Believe

08 Mar, 2014

It’s always fun to talk about myths and legends. In a lot of cases, they’re simply more fun than reality. Of course now and then a fake story will get passed around as fact despite all evidence pointing to the contrary. Most of these stories are easy enough to debunk, but now and then you run...

9 Awesome Things Built by Prisoners

06 Oct, 2013

If you were stuck in a small room 23 hours a day, you’d probably look for something to do. Maybe you’d work out, maybe you’d find religion, or maybe you’d spend your time building some pretty awesome stuff…

5 Athletes Who Died Performing

13 Apr, 2013

Nobody wants to die. But since you have to, you probably want to die doing what you love. These athletes did, and we salute them.

Six Blown Sports Calls

10 Apr, 2013

Sports fans are a passionate bunch. The can fondly recall in vivid detail all of their favorite team’s most glorious moments… and are usually even better at remember calls that should have gone their way.

5 More People That Make Our Commute Suck

28 Mar, 2013

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the only thing standing in the way of successful public transportation is the public.

7 Most Brutal Knockouts in Boxing History

25 Mar, 2013

Get ready to rumble. We’re taking you, blow-by-blow, on a journey back through history’s hardest knockouts. Remember to stick and move.

5 Tourism Attractions for the Suicidal

16 Mar, 2013

Call us crazy, but our idea of a lovely vacation is to sit ourselves down somewhere warm, sandy, adjacent to a body of water and imbibe heroic quantities of whatever local intoxicant is available. Oh, and also to not die.