Incredible Things Can Be Accomplished Through Crowdfunding

  • March 20, 2014
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The PicoBrew Automatic Beer Brewer

Now this is a Kickstarter project we can get behind. The PicoBrew Automatic Beer Brewing Appliance, well, brews beer. Automatically. Yeah, it’s all kind of right there in the title, isn’t it? The basic idea behind this appliance is to set it up somewhere in your house, add the required ingredients, and then simply press a button and let the machine do the rest. This is the perfect item for anyone who dreams of being a microbrewer but doesn’t really have the know-how, since it literally takes all of the tricky parts out of the equation, even letting you select a recipe from a handy electronic guide on the appliance.


Glowing Plants

Energy bills are incredibly high these days, and everyone is all about going green and getting more efficient. So wouldn’t it be nice if you could support the environment and still manage to, you know, actually light your house? Well, that’s where Glowing Plants come in. Funded on Kickstarter, Glowing Plants are exactly what they sound like. The idea is to allow people to buy seeds of these synthetically engineered plants that give off enough ambient light that you don’t even need to bother plugging in a lamp. That’s the whole point of this project, in a nutshell. Gas or electric powered lights, the researchers behind this project hope, will become relatively obsolete thanks to these plants that will take their place.


Scanadu Scout

Of course Kickstarter other such sites aren’t just about creating movies, video games, and other things that might be deemed as merely “nerd” projects. One project that was recently funded on Kickstarter’s competitor website, IndieGogo, is the Scanadu Scout. This incredible piece of technology could help revolutionize health care, though it has yet to be approved by the FDA. Still, it’s a small piece of technology that has been featured in Time, Forbes, and on television and has the ability to record things like heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, respiratory rate, all with a simple touch and in a device that fits in the palm of your hand. The Scanadu Scout, assuming it finally does get FDA approval, will absolutely change the way people monitor their health.

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