Google vs. Civilization: 5 Google Products Hated by the World

  • December 20, 2010
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Hated By:

South Korea

What Happened?

Since the Android came out, there has been a lot of debate (well, we don’t really know) about the ratings of games on the Android Market. The point is, though, that some of them are unrated in some countries, which has managed to piss off a lot people.

Specifically, it has pissed off South Korea. They have threatened Google that, unless the games get rated by the country’s rating board, they will permanently shut down the Android Market, effectively destroying all of Google’s dominance in South Korea.

Wait, who are we kidding?


Google’s dominance.

But Why?

It’s really pretty obvious. South Korea has it in its head that these “unrated” games are dangerous to children around the tiny country of South Korea. They figure that it will scar, damage, hurt, etc. kids across the country who are unfit to play the games that may be “too mature” for them.

Why It’s Ridiculous

Remember which country we are talking about. This is the same country that has Professional Starcraft Tournaments and is infamous (along with Japan) for its love of tentacle-flavored pornography. While there are age restrictions on porn in America, kids bypass it all the time just by clicking, “Yes, I am over 18.”


“I am watching the librarian, too.”

Due to the nature of their country, then, why wouldn’t the kids do that? Hell, they aren’t getting any action because they are playing Starcraft for 10 hours a day. What else would they do with their breaks?


Google Earth

Hated By:


What Happened?

In 2006, Bahrain, randomly banned the use of Google Earth, or as it is called in Bahrain, [Gwgl] [aayrth]. But, what’s the background?

Apparently, the government of Bahrain decided to ban Google Earth directly after they banned any form of pornography in the region.

But Why?

Their reason is that they thought that the poor Bahrainians were going to get upset after viewing the property of the rich.


Home of the king’s uncle.

And that’s exactly what they did. According to one blogger, it became a popular pass time in Bahrain to view the homes of the rich and famous (or just of the monarchs…).

Why It’s Ridiculous

Why wouldn’t it be popular? Window shopping is popular, and that is just looking at things you can’t afford, too. Are they going to ban window shopping in Bahrain now, too?


“No, if you want to look, you have to buy first!”

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