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  • January 29, 2011
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Overcompensating much?

We know. You'd never troll. That stuff is juvenile, and reserved for low lives and no lives. You'd never dream of putting a deliberately inflammatory comment into a comments section to get a reaction, or get drunk and put stupid, sexually explicit comments on your friend's Facebook wall. Good job. Especially if you live in the UK, where there is a little known law called the Communications Act, 2003 that expressly forbids "sending malicious communications that were grossly offensive.”

One guy from Manchester, UK, gets up to typical 4chan hi-jinks, posting nasty messages on message boards dedicated to dead people, purely for the lulz. After all, it is all anonymous, and adding extra hurt and pain to people mourning a death doesn't match the sheer feeling of power caused by posting bad jokes and insults about a dead guy you have never met. But a guy needs to feel respected. A quick bit of work, to show off his 133t skills, and “he sent pictures of himself to his neighbors saying that he was an "internet troll,"” One neighbor, obviously highly impressed, passed pictures on to police. He admitted to being a troll during a subsequent police interview." And was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison , where he presumably learned the real, bleedingly painful, meaning of pwned. Several times per night. Sometimes there really is justice in the world.


Snowball fighting


Who wouldn't snowball a cat?

For many readers, it is winter. A time of magic and fun, where snow lays deep and turns the whole world into something new. And you just know you are going to scoop up some of it, make a ball, and let fly at a friend or a passerby, laughing like a maniac all the while.

Unless you are in New York. Four friends, having a snowball fight. No big deal, you dodge as you walk past, and either laugh or curse if you get hit by a badly aimed snowball, depending on how your day has gone. Obviously, the guy they got in the leg had had the mother of bad days. He was an off duty transit cop, who promptly pulled his gun on them and called for back up. When the regular cops arrived on the scene, the four friends were taken to the station and charged. Not with public nuisance, not with having terrible aim, but with criminal possession of a weapon. Yeah, a snowball is now in the same category as a handgun or a sword. They face 1 year inside, for snowballing an off duty transit cop. Not even a real cop, for God's sake! And, yes, the DA is continuing the prosecution.


Statutory rape


No comment

No, it is not the rape of a statue, but under age sex. Sometimes, just sometimes, a bit of news comes along that makes you want to just nuke the entire human race. This would be one of those times.

Let us go to South Africa, that wonderful country of overt and implied racism, serious crime, and complete failure of human rights and sexual equality or shame. This is a country where where 37% of men openly admit having raped a woman in the past. So the bar is pretty low here.

A 15 year old girl claims to have been raped by two boys, aged 16 and 14 at school. The rape charges get dropped for “lack of evidence" despite other students filming it on their mobile phones, and showing it to their teachers. Who laughed at the video. Classy, eh? So, what to do with a hurt, grieving and violated girl, who went to the law and got rejected? There is only one thing to do, if you are South African. Charge her with statutory rape for having sex with minor boys.

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