Celebrities Who Switched Careers

  • July 21, 2010
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Arnold Becomes the Governator


Oh, like you thought we were going to let this one get away from us. This is an American story people actually know, unlike George Murphy, and doesn't make us want to pretend we're Canadians, unlike Ronald Reagan.

Usually, actors become politicians after their acting career has dried up, but Arnold was another matter. He was still a big deal in Hollywood, cranking out hits and generally being, well, Arnold. No, what made Arnold decide to drive his political enemies before him and hear the lamentations of their women was the good timing or lousy luck of the governor he removed, Gray Davis.

If we ever do a list of "politicians who failed miserably", Davis will probably top the list. He was fine when everything in California was hunky-dory, but once everything went to hell, he pretty much proved that he couldn't govern a McDonald's in Sedona, forget one of the biggest economies on the face of the earth.

Davis didn't even get the dignity of losing an actual election. No, instead, he was recalled by the voters and put up against Schwartzenegger, who unsurprisingly won because even a guy who played a governor on TV would probably have been a better choice.

Which, we guess, it turned out it was. California's had its share of problems, but nothing as bad as Davis' tenure.


Jeffrey Archer Fails at Politics, Becomes Worldwide Bestselling Novelist


If the name Jeffrey Archer rings a bell, you've probably read his novels in an airport waiting for a flight. Archer always had a hand at fiction, namely lying to cover his own butt, but his most popular lies were luckily the selling kind.

Archer has a long career as a con-man, but amazingly, that isn't what ruined his political career. Well, the first time. No, that was a bad investment decision in something called "Aquablast", because investing in something that sounds like an cold water enema device is always a good idea.

Archer was broke, and as a result stood down before he got thrown out, because in English politics you need to be rich to actually run things. Archer, his back to the wall, wrote a book, "Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less", about robbing people who commit investment fraud (gee, wonder where he got that idea…), and somehow managed to sell it. Then it became a worldwide bestseller, and Archer became disgustingly rich.

Which meant he got right back into politics, which went great until he was caught lying in 2000 and sent to jail. Oh, also, supposedly he funded an attempted takeover of Equatorial Guinea, because his life story just wasn't weird enough.

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