Appetizing Atrocity: 5 Endangered Species Hunted for Food

  • February 24, 2010
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Golden headed Langur

Here we go from tiny birds and turtles to monkeys. If Curious George were from Asia, he would be one of these things.

golden headed langue

And this is yet another creature being eaten for a really stupid reason; they aren’t necessarily more tasty than other type of monkey, but since their body is black (it looks black to some people, apparently), and black animals apparently increase virility (since we all know people in Asia have a hard time reproducing…), people on the Vietnamese island where these live are still killing and eating them.

Then there are the jack-asses who kill animals for bushmeat. What is bushmeat? It is just about any rare wild animal that can be killed and eaten for the sole purpose of eating something whose absence has a significant impact on its species survival. There are some real assholes in the world and they eat monkey.

Being that they are critically endangered, there population has dropped to the point that each individual monkey is pretty much necessary for the species to continue, which apparently isn’t as important as not having to pay for Viagra.



While almost everything else on the list has been brought to the brink of extinction because people like to eat them, this one is a bit different; Part of the appeal is a hearty "up yours" to the environmentalists who are trying to keep them from being wiped out, the bastards.

It turns out they are eating manatee for a few reasons, many of them like "they can feed a family for three weeks", "They are tasty" and "Because people notice if you eat kids". (We may have made up the last one) According to an article in Orlando weekly, a place called Dougs in south Florida serves up manatee. The name is a clever play on the word "Dugong", which isn't a manatee, but looks like one, much like calling a chimp a monkey.

The people who eat at Dougs, which really doesn't have an apostrophe, are pissed that manatees are protected, and that they can't speed in their boats because state and federal laws protecting manatees specify you can't boat around them, feed them touch them, or practically even look at them for fear of harming them.


The Manatee; Nature's marine speed-bump

According to the article, manatee tastes like a mix of tuna steak and beef, or as one yokel said, it tastes exactly like 'possum. Why not eat 'possums? Where is the fun in that? (Read: "There is no evil involved.") They catch the manatees by zapping them with a godamn cattle prod then killing them with a bolt gun, just like a cow. An endangered cow.


All he needs is a cattle prod and a boat.

Not one piece of this has been made up (except for them tasting like children), and the guys responsible for Dougs are actually attempting to get a petition signed to repeal the laws protecting manatees. Yes, you read that right; there is actually a group of people actively lobbying to get the law changed to not protect a species that totals less than 3000 individuals, because it screws with their boating.

And they taste good. Written by David Dietle – Copyrighted © Image Sources

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