A Dozen Pieces of Nightmare Fuel Brought to You by the Internet

  • December 12, 2010
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Okay, say it with me class; "SCREW the ocean"



See those little specks up in the upper left of the first photo? Those are people. On a beach. To go swimming. The bigger specs are sharks. Now tell me this? Would you go for a walk in the woods if there was a cluster of tigers that big just off the trail? Us neither. Apparently these sharks are there, swimming through those same waters, year after year, but because the water was unusually clear the year these pictures were taken, people flipped out. Apparently when a deadly toothed torpedo is swimming around unseen it is somehow less terrifying. We respectfully disagree.


Look! It’s terror giving birth to evil!


Simply too much leg for comfort.

Actually, it is a tarantula molting, and we now hate ourselves for coming up with this article’s premise. We’re going to try and erase this memory with some vodka, mixed with a different vodka and chased with some vodka. We going to provide you with some video of this hideous act, but we aren’t that cruel. We would never link to something that would disgust and terrify you. Because we’re just a swell buncha guys.


Wow, what a sexy sexy sorority... Serial Killer’s broom closet


The only thing creepier is the people who think this is sexy.

Yes, those horrible “real dolls” have to come from somewhere, but we don’t want to know any more about it.


If you think Piglet is bad, you should see the Japanese Eeyore...


Couldn’t it have at least had two of something delicious?


Even less delicious looking.

Every once in a while, Mother Nature decides that maybe we are just a little too comfortable with cute fuzzy things, like kitten and piggies. Well, good work lady.


If hell has an amusement park, this is definitely one of the rides.


All this scene needs is a faceless little girl singing softly to herself.

We’re thinking the people who made Child’s Play set the bar a little low with a murderous talking doll. They worked too hard too. Just show this freaking thing for an hour and then make it blink at the end. You wouldn't be able to stuff enough cotton in your ears to block out the shrieks of terror.


It’s a chimp, not a monkey (but really, it’s a demon)




Tell us now that man and apes didn’t share a common ancestor.

Ever since we discovered these two online last year, they have given us nightmares... We’re sure he was a super guy but damn... There were two of these in the world at one time. Cinder (the second one) is still alive and well in St Louis, while poor mister Ashes (the first one) died a few years back. I don’t know if the people who named them had a coordinated love of Thomas the Tank Engine (he says “Cinders and Ashes” when surprised, for the uninitiated) or it is just a coincidence because they are grey.

Either way, they are kind of freaky and we would hate to wake up with one in the same room.

Written by David Dietle – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com Image Sources

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