9 Weirdest Proverbs From Around the World

  • June 04, 2010
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A Woman Has The Form Of An Angel And The Mind Of An A$$

From: Germany

Another misogynistic proverb on the list, but this one is way sneakier than the one about how women are below dogs in the great order of things. No, this one slowly lures you in by first saying women have the forms of angels, but before you even have the time to utter a small “Aww” the rest hits you in the face like a sack full of dirty bricks, when it ends with those less than flattering descriptions.

It’s hard not to imagine that the guy (yes, it had to be a guy) who came up with this nugget of wisdom did so after the hyperbilionth time a girl refused to go out on a date with him.



After Shaking Hands With A Greek, Count Your Fingers

From: Albania

Some national animosities we can understand. Japan and China, The US and France, Australia and Mars. But where did this bad blood between Greece and Albania come from? Don’t the Albanians know their natural enemy is Ireland, after Liam Neeson destroyed the French arm of the Albanian mob in the movie “Taken”? Have they even seen this movie?!

Oh well, this proverb is still interesting on its own, allowing us insight to the Hellenic culture. From what we understand here, the Greek are the thieves of their region while Albanians all suffer from leprosy causing their appendages to easily fall off.

greek count feengers


Don't Use A Hatchet To Remove A Fly From Your Friend's Forehead

From: China

Proverbs are said to represent universal truths in the world, most often back up with personal experience, so you will understand if we pause a little with this saying, wondering just what in the bloody sausage is the history behind it!

Alright, so the implied meaning is pretty straightforward: don’t go overboard while solving trifle problems. We can all agree with that, but why the colorful comparison? It definitely is catchier this way, true, but on the other hand it’s also sort of diabolical and unsettling.

For the sake of mind, let’s pretend China simply has a vivid imagination and leave the matter at that.

friends forehead


Every Little Bit Helps, Said The Old Woman As She P***ed In The Sea

From: UK

The British are known for their wit and a sort of quirky charm, what with their funny slang words of which almost all sound made up on the spot, like “gobbledygook”, “malarkey” or basically any technical term in cricket (seriously, what’s a “wicket”?) So it’s not really that surprising that their collective wisdom would be expressed via more colorful prose. The imagery here though is… interesting.

One is left to wonder, is the saying claiming that every little bit of effort DOES help, as insignificant as it may seem, or is this an ironic stab making fun of futile efforts? Knowing the British, both interpretations seem somehow correct. Then again, this might just be some underhanded jab at old people who don’t own toilets, which once more is definitely not below the folks in Britain.

every little bit helps

Written by Cezary Jan Strusiewicz – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com Image Sources

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A Woman Has The Form Of An Angel, The Heart Of A Serpent, And The Mind Of An Ass