9 Weird Advertising Methods

  • November 07, 2010
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Urine: The Classic Advertising Medium

Now that we’ve explored the wonders and mysteries of a women’s bathroom, let’s take a look at a weird ad that was put on display in men’s rooms.


This ad for ESPN Brazil encourages men to test their soccer and urination skills by attempting to guide the ball into the goal using no more than the by-product of drinking way too much beer. Screaming “GOOOOOOOOOOOAL!” at the top of your lungs while you wave your dick around in celebration if you succeed isn’t strictly against the rules, but it may be considered unsporting depending on what sort of establishment you’re in and how drunk the other people in the bathroom are. Similar guidelines apply to anyone who wants to suggest the use of “teamwork.”


A New Kind of Flyer

The ads we’ve looked at so far have been nice and all, but none have harnessed the raw power of nature. No, this isn’t about some business that’s learned to control lightning for advertising purposes; that would be too badass for the world to handle. Instead, a German publishing company advertised their services at a book fair by attaching itty bitty little banners to flies that were let loose in the exhibition hall.

The banners were ultra-light and attached to 200 flies with natural wax, and they were designed to fall off the insects after a short time. That way, no bugs would be harmed; at least not until their rival publishers started handing out flyswatters.


Nothing Increases Sales better than Mosquito Bites

Not to be outdone by a bunch of Germans, a Swedish outdoor equipment store decided to join forces with man’s most hated nemesis: the mosquito. Their goal was to show off their wide variety of insect repelling products, and they accomplished this by setting up a big enclosure full of mosquitos in the middle of the store, which visitors would presumably be repelled by.

Anyone who braved the enclosure received a one percent discount on their purchases for each mosquito bite they suffered. The stunt received a ton of press coverage, making it an extremely effective marketing ploy; and best of all, the store’s employees got to witness every retail worker’s dream of watching customers suffer.



Cockroaches and Pizza: A Retarded Combination

One of the first things marketing students are taught is that creating commercials that will make people throw up is a poor approach to the trade. But hey, every rule is made to be broken, right? No. Dear God, no.


We’ll admit that the concept is clever, but that doesn’t mean it’s effective in the slightest. Nobody likes a misleading ad, and that’s especially true when you’ve been misled into thinking you just chowed down on a pizza that was used to crush a cockroach. How many people are even going to read the fine print before they run to the bathroom and/or make an angry phone call to the pizza place? We’re going to go out on a limb and guess zero.

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