9 Strange Video Game Easter Eggs

  • July 24, 2016
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Luigi Wants Luigi Dead

A room on the third floor in Luigi's Mansion has three phones. When the power in the mansion goes out, go to this room, answer the middle phone, and wait. When lightning strikes you'll see Luigi's shadow suspended off the floor with his arms hanging at his side. Players have argued that this is Luigi hanging himself. Whether or not it's intentional or a graphical glitch is debated, though.


Trials Wants You To Find Treasure

A hidden song in Trials Evolution contained Morse code which led to a website which displayed a series of images which revealed the coordinates of four treasure chests in the real world. Each chest contained a key and a clue alluding to both a fifth key and another treasure. The catch: said treasure will only be available in 2113. Elaborate hoax or hidden riches? We'll likely never know.


Sonic CD Wants To Have Fun

Sonic CD Wants To Have Fun

Hidden within the sound test of Sonic CD is this image / image source

It translates as “Fun is infinite with Sega Enterprises. Majin.” Majin can be translated as devil or demon which, combined with the creepy image and music, makes everything seem very sinister. However, Majin is actually the nickname of Masato Nishimura, who worked on the game. This only takes a little of the weirdness away.


Kirby Wants A Naked Lady

In the hidden level Red Canyon boxes are arranged that suggest a naked woman, including breasts and pubic area, though it's easy to miss if you don't look at all the pieces at once (which you can't do on the Gameboy screen). But a strategy guide printed the whole image, making it perfectly clear.