9 Strange Video Game Easter Eggs

  • July 24, 2016
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The secrets and jokes hidden inside video games can sometimes venture into very bizarre territory. These are nine such easter eggs.


Dig-Dug Wants Hotdogs

In the Intellivison version of Dig-Dug is a remake of another Intellivision game: Tron Deadly Discs. By pressing 4 and 7 on both controllers and pressing Reset, the game loads Tron Deadly Dogs, which replaces the enemies in Deadly Discs with the hotdogs from Burger Time.


Harvest Moon Wants You Dead

At 4:44 AM in the Japanese version of Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, check the television. The TV's screen will be static, but a dialogue box will open and close displaying the number 4. It's meant to be a bad omen as “4” and “death” are pronounced the same way (shi) in Japanese.


Gameboy Wants You Terrified

Select the “Run” option while playing the RPG mini-game. Once in a while a photograph of a face (selected from three photos in the US release) will be displayed, only the image is seemingly vandalized with the text “Who are you running from?” appearing at the top. Given the system's graphical limitations, the end result is insanely creepy.


Star Fox Wants You To Gamble

By following a series of strange steps the player will warp to the hidden course “Out of this Dimension.” The final boss is a giant slot machine; the player must shoot its lever so that it displays three sevens in a row, causing it to self-destruct. However, this doesn't return the player to the main game. Instead, they're given a never-ending mini-game and must reset the game.


Pokemon Wants To Go For Help

In Pokemon X and Y Lumiose City has a train station. If you go behind the notice board and push A, this message appears: “I'm going to go for help. Wait in the usual place.” No one has found any other reference to this in the game, but fan theories abound.