9 Outrageous U.S. Secession Attempts

  • November 05, 2010
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Alaskan Independence Party seeks vote of secession

The Alaskan Independence Party was formed to promote Alaska's secession from the union, which they claim should have been an option in 1958. Founder Joe Vogler said "I'm an Alaskan, not an American. I've got no use for America or her damned institutions." Despite hating American institutions it's affiliated with the Constitution Party and members included Sarah Palin's husband Todd. Palin addressed the group via video message.

In 2006, Alaskan Independence Party members collect the 100 signatures needed to place the issue on the ballot, but were barred by the courts on grounds secession was unconstitutional. Wait, only 100 signatures are needed to put something on the ballot? Hell, let’s vote that all ducks must wear pants in Alaska.


Rage all you want, Donald, your exhibitionist days of terror are over.


Christian Exodus

A rip-off of the libertarian, non-secessionist Free State Project, Christian Exodus plans on moving "Christian Constitutionalists" to South Carolina to eventually secede and form a new Christian nation. This included plans to expand to Idaho later.

The original goal, 12,000 Christians to South Carolina by 2006, fell short when only 15 families moved. That number didn't include the leader, who still lives in California.


Apparently paradise on Earth isn’t worth the cost of moving the couch down the stairs.

Since moving to a new state is a worse hell than staying put, the movement has focused on personal secession, meaning they live close to other believers in their own state, avoid interacting with the rest of the world as much as possible and live in an echo chamber. Basically they are ripping off the Amish, except for having to give up technology.


Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket

Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket secede when proportional representation takes away voting privilege.

Both islands, which are playgrounds of the rich in the summer, considered joining other states or seceding from America altogether when their small populations no longer warranted having separate state representation. One man, one vote may work for the little people, but when the average CEO makes 500 times his average employee, they felt that this should be represented in the state legislature as well.


Kinney, Minnesota

The town of Kinney, Minnesota faced a failing water system that required $186,000 to fix. After struggling through paperwork for federal and state grants, they got so frustrated that they figured it would be easier to secede.


This is just the order form to get the application for the proper forms to fill out.

The town sent a letter to the US Secretary of State announcing they were seceding and declaring war on the United States, as foreign aid required less paperwork. The letter requested a quick resolution to the war, as the town council members had jobs to do.

While they never broke away, and it was largely tongue-in-cheek, they did get the “foreign aid” they wanted from the government and various individuals, including a new police car, pizza sausage mix and just under $200,000 in grant money. They continue to sell “passports” to stupid tourists to this day.

Written by Philip Moon – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com Image Sources

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