9 of the Biggest Sport Cheats in History

  • June 15, 2017
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Danny Almonte (2001)

Danny Almonte stood as one of the best Little League pitchers in history, pitching the first no hitter in the league since the 70's. He was also two years too old to play in the Little League World Series, a fact that only came to light weeks later following an investigation.


Diego Maradona (1986)

In the World Cup quarterfinal match Maradona slapped the ball mid-air into the goal. This was done in such a way to make it look like he had merely hit the ball with his head, at least from where the ref was standing. But the audience saw it clear as day. What should have been a foul was allowed as a scored point.


Antonio Margarito (2009)

This former welterweight boxing champ's legacy was called into question when, before a bout with Shane Mosley, he was caught with loaded gloves. A previous win was reversed, and after a series of failed rematches he retired in 2012, only to return four years later. Suffice to say he may never achieve the same level of fame or success.


Donald Crowhurst (1960)

Cowhurst, a desperate businessman, entered the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race despite no serious sailing experience. Early on, rather than quitting and facing humiliation, he chartered his own course, falsified logs, and made sporadic radio reports of his alleged position. However, he never finished the race despite being the projected winner given his reports. Some contend he killed himself based on his increasingly erratic writings in his logs, or he may have accidentally fallen overboard. His body has never been found. But even if had survived to finish the race he seemed aware that his hoax would be exposed upon examination of his false reports.