9 Mythical Monsters That Will Haunt Your Dreams

  • March 13, 2014
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Pope Lick Monster

Okay, now stop laughing at the name of this particular mythological monster. No, this has nothing to do with the actual Pope or any bizarre activities he may get up to, but actually refers to a waterway in Kentucky. The Pope Lick Monster is reportedly a mix between a goat and a man and, yes, it’s believed he’s the spawn of a man who slept with a goat. The Pope Lick Monster mimics voices and uses hypnosis to entice its victims, before proceeding to either lure them in front of oncoming trains or brutally killing them with an axe. Apparently, the Pope Lick Monster is also so horrifying that if you happen to be on the Pope Lick train trestle, the mere sight will cause you to leap to your death.



The Pontianak is a creature in Indonesian mythology that is kind of like a vampire crossed with a ghost. The Pontianak preys on pregnant women and babies, as they are believed to be the spirits of women who were killed while pregnant themselves. They appear as pale, beautiful women in white dresses and draw their prey near them with fake baby cries. When the unsuspecting human follows the sounds of the “baby” the Pontianak strikes, clawing into the stomachs of the victim and eating the insides. The Pontianak also attacks men by ripping off their sex organs. Sleep tight, guys!



The Bakhtak is a creature from Iranian mythology, and of all the monsters on this list, it’s the one that, if it actually existed, would actually, literally cause nightmares. That’s because as legend states, Bakhtak comes to you at night and sits on your chest, its weight causing you sleep paralysis and making you suffer horrific nightmares. The Bakhtak is a relatively small, goblin-like monster that’s been used for ages to explain why people have nightmares in Iranian culture.



The Sigbin is part of Philippine culture, and is a bizarre creature that walks backwards with its head lowered down between its legs. Yeah, it’s kind of a weird monster to begin with, and while you’re busy laughing at how ridiculous it looks when it’s walking like that, it will proceed to suck your blood out of your shadow and generally tries to find children and harvest their hearts, which it in turn uses to make amulets. Yeah, nothing creepy there. The Sigbin is said to look sort of like a hornless goat and claps its ears, and is thought to be related to the kangaroo.

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