9 Awesome Sky Cities (And Why We Love Them)

  • November 03, 2010
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Sky City Tower


It has Sky City in the name. So there.

The Sky City Tower is located in Aukland. Okay, so it's not exactly a city, but it does boast a restaurant and entertainment venues, and we're sure that if you really tried you could live there by finding hidden places to sleep at night. We love it because if you squint really hard and imagine you're looking from a ridiculous perspective, you could almost see this place as being the Cloud City from Star Wars. Extra bonus points go to the New Zealanders for actually making their crazy vision into reality.


Howl's Moving Castle


Again with the flying castles.

What is it with anime movies and flying castles? Now, Howl's Moving Castle looks a little more like some sort of airship than a city in the sky, but we'll just call it a very small city for argument's sake. Although it looks like it could fall to pieces at any second, and we're not entirely thrilled about the large amounts of black smoke it pours into the sky that it floats through, we think that this construction has a certain rugged, pulling-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps charm.


New York City in Fifth Element


Flying cars are often an added bonus of sky cities.

New York City, as portrayed in The Fifth Element has literally risen above its ancient roots as a last resort as pollution levels at ground level soared. We consider this to be a sky city because the residents have long ago abandoned any contact with the actual earth, preferring to zip around in modes of transportation such as flying cars, wall-climbing trains, and even levitating sailboats. It's a shame that the reason for the creation of the city in the sky comes from the destruction of the lower levels, and we do wonder exactly how they manage to control traffic, but it's still all types of awesome.


Honorable Mention


The Winner of the Sky City competition: Airship City, by Justin Oaksford

The creative minds over at Conceptart.org hosted their own sky city competition and the results were pretty impressive. Perhaps there is hope for the future of real sky cities, after all... Now all we need to do is get some scientific minds to dwell on the physical realization of these gems that the creative minds have come up with. Come on, people, who needs a cure for cancer when there are sky cities to waiting to be built!

Written by Emma Larkins – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com Image Sources

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