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  • April 23, 2010
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Maggot Cheese Smoothie

maggot cheese

Italy is famous throughout the world for many of its fine dishes, but one of our favorites is Casu marzu, otherwise known as maggot cheese. And, as the name implies, the main ingredient is sheep milk cheese riddled with live insect larvae.

Balancing that fine line between fermentation and decomposition, Casu marzu is enhanced by the digestive action of the Piophila Casei (cheese fly) larvae. The soft textured result has just enough seeping liquid to make the perfect smoothie.

We add rich softened ice cream to the soft cheese and blend well for a delicious treat. The smooth drink is accented by the floating larvae bits, which appear translucent, wonderfully complimenting the light snow appearance of the drink.


Rocky Mountain Malt

mountain oysters

From the American West we get our next delightful offering. We start with bull testicles, roll them in flour, and deep fry them to a perfect bronze color. We then take our cowboy caviar and add ice cream and milk, along with Malt powder, and blend to perfection.

The result is a strong beefy drink that offers a stout taste for the discriminating swinging beef lover. This is one of our most popular drinks to those new to the Weird Blend experience, and we think it is a great treat for shake and malt lovers alike.


Here's Looking At You Shake

tuna eyeball

Japan brings us our next frozen drink, a delicious blend of fish, ice, and cream to delight any fish smoothie drinker. But what separates our pleasing drink is the part of the fish that is used.

Unlike other fish drinks that use the whole fish, we concentrate on the windows to the sole (pun intended). Fresh Tuna eyes are used, and they lend a very pronounced texture to our beverage, allowing everything to slide down just perfectly.

Hoist a Here's Looking At You Shake with a few friends - who knows, the drink just might be doing that. Bottoms up!


Haggis The Horrible


The Scottish bring us our last drink, and it is made from Haggis. Haggis is a nice way of saying savory sheep heart and liver minced with onion and spices, simmered in the poor animal's stomach for around three hours.

The wonderful nutty texture of the haggis mixes well with our creams and goats milk, and a turnip and potato round out the delightful beverage. After careful blending to perfection the drink is garnished with a wee bit of a special whiskey based sauce to give it a pleasant burn.

With a quick peek at our signature beverages, I think you can see why Weird Blends is such a great place to visit. While it is by no means an actual place to enjoy a less than refreshing beverage, we don't expect to see a lot of repeat customers.

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