8 Strange Things That Fell From the Sky

  • February 28, 2010
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Red Rain

In India’s Kerala province, they had a red rain in July 2001. While many saw it as an occult and demonic sign, others saw it as a chance to dye all their clothes red. Investigators revealed that the rain had been coloured by fungal spores but there was no explanation as to how these spores got into the rain clouds. Again, the best scientific minds in the area attribute the fungal spores’ altitude to powerful updrafts which carry them high into the atmosphere, but how they became so plentiful to color the rain remains a mystery.

red rain


Star Jelly or Star Snot

Another anomaly in the annals of falling objects is the jelly rain which fell on the moors of Scotland in 2009 and in a town in Tasmania in 1996. DNA results were inconclusive, but reports have it being like jelly, with no cellular structure. Many experts from the UK investigated and were unable to determine it’s origin. It seems to have been accompanied by a meteor shower and theories abound, from fallout from meteors to alien waste materials or undigested frog spawn regurgitated by birds. In Tasmania, the entire town appeared to be covered in jelly. They refer to this episode in the town’s history as Slime Day. Every June 17th locals get drunk and throw jelly at each other in a local bar renamed Slimey’s in honour of the event. Coincidentally, the Scottish moors-men have started the same tradition of getting drunk and throwing jelly at each other, but, since it hasn’t been a year since the jelly fell, there has only been a weekly event to celebrate so they do it every Thursday. They anticipate the one year anniversary to be a real blow-out.

star jelly or star snot



There is also a report of worms falling in Jennings, Indiana July 11th 2007. Eleanor Beal, a police employee, was crossing the street when she was nearly hit by something that splattered onto the street beside her. When she investigated, it turned out to be clumps of tangled worms!

She called other police around to verify her findings, and sure enough, there were clumps of worms scattered around the area. It seems that in this case, they could have come from a waterspout spotted 5 miles away on the Lacassine Bayou.




And strange as it might seem, there is a logical answer for why a Japanese fishing boat found itself in the middle of a rain of cows in the sea of Okhotsk near Siberia in 1986. The stunned fishermen first heard the sound of screaming cows, which, if you are miles out at sea, is probably not immediately identifiable. Thinking it to be some sort of sea creature, they searched the horizon for the origin of the sound. That’s when they saw the first cow plunge into the water about half a mile behind their boat. Looking up, they saw another 23 screaming cows raining down upon them. The cows hit the water sequentially closer to the boat and ultimately, one hit the boat dead center, making a cow-shaped hole directly through the hull and sinking it almost immediately. With just enough time to issue a distress call, the Japanese fishermen were rescued fairly quickly, but were subsequently arrested for attempted insurance fraud. It wasn’t until Russian authorities co-operated with the insurance company that it was discovered that a Russian transport plane carrying cattle ran into trouble when the cows went wild at 30,000 ft. The pilots had no choice but to open the cargo bay doors and the cows stampeded out of the plane and into history.

Written by E.J. Pittman – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com Image Sources

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