8 Prettiest Nations in Europe

  • March 31, 2015
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Women in Germany are known to be one of the proudest women on the planet. They are full of themselves and they like to talk about their success. That might sound like a bad thing, but it actually isn’t. Women are well educated and why wouldn’t they want other people to appreciate that. There are about sixteen regions in Germany so don’t be surprised if you cross from one to the other and see totally different mentality. Besides being one the prettiest, Germany is also known for being one of the freakiest nations in the world. German women are hot, beautiful and curvalicious – and even though they may seem shy in the beginning, very sensual.



Even though Estonia is located near Lithuania and Latvia, they are neither Livonian nor Slavic. They are the descendants of Urdo-Finnic people. Estonian women are a beautiful combination of Hungary and Finland. There are not many Estonians (about 1.3 million) so their women are very rare in the world. If you come across one make sure that you don’t let her slip from your hands. Most of them end up being models because of their soft facial features and tall hot bodies. They are also well educated and most of them speak English really well (and the accent is one of the sexiest out there).



The neighbor of the previous country, Hungary is one of the sexiest nations in Europe. People often say that the capital of Hungary, Budapest, is famous for two strangely opposite things – the first is its natural wealth (geothermal baths and natural spring waters) and the second is the fact that Budapest is the European capital of porn. They are also descendants of Urdo-Finnic people. Even though only a few speak English, they are quite intelligent. They are also really open and really, really hot. Depite their intelligence, the moment you lay your eyes on them you will be smitten by their natural beauty. Mother Nature was really kind to Hungarian women (Urdo-Finnic descendants in general).




Meeting a Russian girl can be quite an experience. They are a very proud nation – they cherish their heritance, they know they are feminine and beautiful. But there are also other women who only seek money and rich guys who will take them to parties – those women do not want to settle down. Over the years, the first category of Russian women proved to be intelligent, honest and very good role models. They are also very attached to their partners, so having a family with such a Russian woman will be like winning lottery. There are many beautiful, blonde and hot Russian girls out there (Russia is huge country so if you want to meet one, visit larger cities). Hopefully, the one you won’t be a gold digger. In any case, you will not find such beauty anywhere else in the world.