8 Prettiest Nations in Europe

  • March 31, 2015
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It might be hard to tell the difference between women in Europe, but every man with a keen eye will tell you exactly why these nations have the prettiest women.

Exclusive portal healthenbeauty.com published a list of countries with hot and pretty women which you can find in an article called Top 10 Countries with the Hottest Women in the World, but this article focuses on European women. There is tough competition in Europe over this and once you look at the list you understand why.



If you ever decide to travel across Europe, Poland should definitely be on your 'must-see' list. Their women are among the top 8 prettiest nations in Europe. What makes Polish women so pretty? Well, they have fair hair, light tan and gorgeous blue eyes. They are also very good looking and endowed in all the right places. However, don’t think for a second you can woo them easily because these ladies are well aware of the fact that they are stunning. Plus, they are have one of the highest percentages of educated women in Europe. They are descendants of Slavic women who were independent and strong, so they mostly prefer tough men. They also have a very dark sense of humor so don’t be shocked if they say something surprisingly funny – and dark.



Ah, the land of the blond women – another country for your ‘must visit’ list. Even though they are blond and they have light skin, Lithuanian women are not of Slavic descent. These women are Livonian. There aren’t many people of Livonian descent left. Those who survived all the terror from occupations hundreds of years ago, blended into a perfect mix of hot, slim and beautiful women. They inherited all the best genes from their ancestors and now they are one of the prettiest nations in Europe. Lithuanian women are all about being straight forward. They are not light on their tongue, so you need to be careful with them. You also need to be careful when it comes to their brothers and ex-boyfriends – men in Lithuania are often overprotective. The capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, has been on the top of the list of cities with the highest crime rate for years now.



Ukrainian girls will definitely leave you speechless the moment you set your eyes on their dark hair or delicate features. They are so cute because they are petite. There are so many gorgeous girls in Ukraine that it won’t be strange to see plenty of girls with old (and almost always) ugly dudes. The fact that the country is not that rich contributes that fact even more. Ukrainian women are raised with the belief that the man of the house (husband or boyfriend) is supposed to pay for everything. Since there almost no feminism in Ukraine, no cultural awareness questions were raised on the issue of ‘guys not having money’. Don’t get this wrong, Ukrainian women are not your typical gold diggers, they are simply raised in such a society. Of course, a number of self-aware women who are independent are fairly present. Most of the girls there speak both Ukrainian and Russian. Knowing either of the languages will help you significantly. The small number of women who do speak English will try their best to impress you with it. Either way, they will sweep you off your feet in seconds.



Don’t you agree that having a list of prettiest nations in Europe simply can’t exist without these gorgeous Swedish babes? Swedish women are some of the most liberate women in the world. They are very open minded and straightforward (not like Lithuanian women – Swedish women are friendlier). These hot, tall and blonde babes are pretty smart, too. Most of them finish college by the time they reach 22. Swedish women are so friendly and open, they you’ll probably end up moving there after your second visit. Even though some of the best female athletes come from Sweden, they are pretty funny and clumsy. However, if for some totally unknown or personal reason you’re not fond of Swedish people you can always visit one of their neighboring countries – Norway or Denmark. Or Iceland if you’re up for the trip.