8 LOST Questions That They Really Need to Answer (But Probably Won't)

  • May 21, 2010
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Question #5

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, & 42. If you have read this far, then you know these numbers. They have caused pain, fortune, and misery frequently at the same time. They can make seemingly magical things happen. They are part of the "valenzetti equation" and they still MAKE NO SENSE! WHAT DO THESE NUMBERS MEAN? Yes, they have told us they help predict the end of the world, but HOW? Once again, they introduced an intriguing concept, teased viewers with little hints here and there, and then pretty much dropped it.



Question #6

When they found Desmond, having just spent 3 years punching in the numbers every 108 minutes, why was he not suffering from serious sleep deprivation?

question 7


Question #7

A technical question. Since the Black Rock was full of dynamite that has been shown to be extremely unstable, as witness the two people who got blowed up real good, how did the ship manage to crash through a 60-foot stone statue with sufficient force to tear it down to the last foot without itself blowing up? In addition, who built that statue, what was it of, and why did it only have 3 TOES!?

lost jacob

"Heck if I know! Let's get drunk and not worry about it!"


Question #8

What’s the deal with Walt? The kid seemed like he was going to be massively important. He had a weird connection with John Locke. He seemed to be able to read minds or at least moods. He could maybe even control the weather like some kind of pint-size supervillain. Heck, he even seemed to be able to visit people on the island, off the island, in dreams or wherever he wanted. Just telling Locke that “he has work to do” magically gave him the use of his legs back. Seems like someone like that would be pretty important. Except he kinda just went home and we don’t really see him anymore.

Now obviously, guessing at and endlessly discussing these questions is part of the fun of the show. There are undoubtedly more questions that we have failed to address ourselves in the course of this article. What grieves us, as loyal fans since the beginning, is a nagging feeling. Despite our enjoyment of "not-knowing" everything, we feel we’ve earned the answers, every last one. Damon and Carlton have publicly stated that they do not intend to answer every last little question the fans may have, in order to preserve some air of mystery. We'll all be watching at the end, but we may not all be happy.

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