8 Kid’s Shows Which Are Mind-Numbing for Parents

  • March 23, 2014
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Barney & Friends

This song-heavy, old-school show is typically credited for kick-starting the adult backlash against unbearable kid’s shows. Up until Barney, it was almost like parents never spoke ill of children’s programming no matter how awful it was. We were like dutiful, silent, 1950’s housewives sporting black-eyes hidden by makeup and a phony smile. We’d keep our mouths shut, prepare dinner and pretend life wasn’t awful. Then Barney hit the air and suddenly it was like, TO HELL WITH THIS HIDEOUS PURPLE DINOSAUR, WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!


Lazy Town

This freak-fest is essentially a bad acid trip very poorly disguised as a kids show. Much like The Wiggles, we truly have no clue what this weird series is about. In fact, we challenge any of the kids who watch this bizarre, puppet filled monstrosity to explain it to us. Actually scratch that, don’t bother as any explanation spoken verbally is likely to summon Gozer. At which point we’ll be forced to order the malignant entity to cease any and all supernatural activity and return forthwith to his / her place of origin, or to the nearest convenient parallel dimension.



This show is basically about a temperamental, oversensitive brat who whines excessively and has dolts for parents. In fact, everyone in Caillou’s life seems to put up with his irritating crap way too much for our tastes. No joke, the narrator of the show often comments how ‘Caillo doesn’t like having to share with his little sister’ or ‘Caillou was still upset his friend accidentally stepped on his foot’. This damn kid holds grudges like a psychopath in training. This annoying show came very close to getting the number one spot on our list. However, even Caillou isn’t as mind-numbing as…


Yo Gabba Gabba

Number one on our list is Yo Gabba Gabba. Do a quick search on this subject and you’ll find Yo Gabba Gabba is number one on many parents’ shit lists. The show is a combination of many factors. It is bat-shit insane, bizarre, tedious, frustrating, depressing and pure suck - all neatly rolled up into one giant festering ball and then launched directly at your face. Thankfully our kid isn’t into this show. As a thank you for sparing us this nightmare we will send him to any college he wants or buy him a car before he’s even old enough to drive.

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