8 Intriguing Questions TV Shows Never Answered

  • February 14, 2014
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What Happened to Sam Beckett on Quantum Leap?

Quantum Leap told the story of a scientist named Sam Beckett, who had a device that would allow him to “leap” from body to body in various time periods, righting wrongs and generally doing heroic things while providing Scott Bakula an excuse to do ridiculous things, occasionally while pretending to be a woman. When the series ended in 1993, Beckett seemed to be on his way to return to his own time, and back to his own body, after correcting his own timeline. However, at the end of the series finale the audience is told that not only did Sam Beckett never leap back to his own body, but he was never heard from again. For a pretty lighthearted show, that’s one heck of a dark ending.


Who Were the Guys with Blue Hands on Firefly?

One of the all-time classic “shows canceled way too soon” is Firefly, created by mastermind Joss Whedon, and which spawned a follow-up movie called Serenity. You would think that given the chance to write a wrap up movie, Whedon would do his fans a favor and answer all of the lingering questions. You would think wrong, because Whedon left some pretty massive threads open. One of those was trying to figure out who the hell the creepy dudes who wore blue gloves and scared the crap out of everyone were. They were ruthless and mysterious, and Whedon never even mentioned them once when it came time to make the movie.


For That Matter, Who the Heck was Book on Firefly?

Of course that wasn’t the only unanswered question coming from Firefly. One of the great mysteries from the series surrounds the character of Shepherd Book, a man of God who joins the crew with some hopes of providing them a spiritual guide but proves himself to be much more than he appears. It’s pretty evident that he has a long, complicated history with the nefarious Alliance, and the theories are that he was one of the terrifying Operatives, a concept introduced in Serenity. The only problem is they freaking killed him off in the movie without ever answering that very question. Granted, it was apparently a question answered in a spin off comic book, but how many people knew there was actually a Firefly comic book in the first place?


What the Hell was Up with Walt on Lost?

Lost will always go down as one of the most intriguing yet frustrating television shows in history. It raised so many bizarre questions, like what was the smoke monster, really? How the heck did the island actually move? And how was it ever possible for Hurley to never lose weight despite being on a deserted island? But one of the most peculiar unanswered questions is what the deal was with Walt, the young son of a survivor named Michael, who exhibited magical powers that we were led to believe would be vastly important as the series wore on. After all, season one ended with some folks called “the Others” kidnapping him as several castaways tried to escape the island. And then…nothing. The actor playing Walt was hit hard by puberty, he was written off the show, and his apparent powers were never referenced again.

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