8 Completely Off the Wall Zombie Movies

  • April 05, 2014
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First things first, let’s not pretend that zombie movies are ever going to be exactly “normal.” After all, we’re talking about movies that center on the conceit that the dead will return to life and start feasting on living human flesh. It’s not a particularly normal idea, despite how prevalent it has become over the years. But even in the genre of zombie movies, there are some that, amazingly, manage to out-weird all of the others. Here are some of the most bizarre zombie movies you’ve almost certainly never seen.


The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies

In terms of titles, nothing is ever going to beat this for both the most peculiar and hilariously on the nose movie names. You may have actually seen this one if you’re a long-time fan of cult classic television show Mystery Science Theater 3000, as the crew on the Satellite of Love lampooned this particular 1964 feature for one episode. If you’re curious, that episode is currently on Netflix in America. Anyway, this movie takes place at a carnival and is about gypsies and curses and teenage hipster types, and it’s pretty much one of the most pointless, confusing movies ever made in any genre. Good luck trying to figure out what the hell is going on if you watch this one.


Bloodlust Zombies

Have you ever watched a zombie movie and thought to yourself, “Hey, this sure could use some more sex and gratuitous nudity”? Well if so you’re in luck, because we present to you Bloodlust Zombies, a 2011 zombie movie starring porn actress Alexis Texas, who you may remember as that hot blonde from all of those movies you swear you’ve never watched in the privacy of your own home before. The film not only features Alexis Texas doing some random softcore porn, but also tries to be a comedic zombie film filled with as much gore as boobs, which is certainly one way to go. It takes place in a 9-to-5 office type setting and, well, does it really matter? If you’re watching this, it’s because you want to see if Alexis Texas can actually act at all. Hint: no, no she cannot.


Zombie Strippers

Apparently, zombie movies are popular among the adult entertainment crowd, as Alexis Texas was actually following in the footsteps of legendary porn actress Jenna Jameson, who “starred” in the film Zombie Strippers. The movie actually also starred Robert “Freddy Krueger” Englund, which is kind of sad considering he’s a dude with actual horror movie credentials, obviously. And if you couldn’t tell from the title, it revolves around strippers during a dystopian society in the not-too-distant future (which at this point is actually now the past), and basically consists of people trying to survive a zombie outbreak in the cozy confines of a strip club, where we can only assume they’re trying equally hard to avoid zombies and mysterious bodily fluids from the strip club regulars.


Die You Zombie Bastards!

If we wanted to hold a contest for the cheapest possible zombie movie, then Die You Zombie Bastards would win in a landslide. Seriously, you couldn’t convince us they spent more than a couple hundred bucks on this thing, and even at that, we’d think they should have asked for their money back on that return. This is cheap in every sense of the word, too, as it basically becomes an exploitation film with a lot of gratuitous skin being shown, even if it’s the hilariously bright green skin of the “zombie” women who are running amok. The story actually revolves around a guy searching for his missing wife, and there are nefarious villains, ninjas, and…well, does it matter? If you’re watching this, it’s because of the boobs and the high quotient of unintentional comedy.