8 Celebrities Who Got Away With Horrible Crimes

  • March 10, 2014
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We regular people look up to celebrities, because those are the people with the talent, skill, money, and influence we all wish we had. Yet we sometimes forget that celebrities are just people like us, with many of the same flaws and shortcomings. And in some cases, those flaws and shortcomings are the types of things that would land us in prison, but barely gets them a slap on the wrist. Actually, maybe celebrities aren’t that much like us after all.


Matthew Broderick

Matthew Broderick is a pretty beloved icon of the 1980’s, the star of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and WarGames. He’s always seemed to be an extremely affable guy who saw a big career resurgence with his role in The Producers. He’s also one of the last people in showbiz you’d probably guess has actually killed someone. It was accidental, let’s be clear, but back in 1987 he was in Ireland with his then girlfriend Jennifer Grey when he got into a car accident, killing two people in the other car. He claims to have no recollection of the event, which seems awfully suspicious, but despite being initially charged with dangerous driving and facing up to five years in prison, he only had to pay a $175 fine.


Laura Bush

No matter what people think about former president George W. Bush, people have always seemed to think pretty highly of his wife Laura. That’s why it’s kind of mind-blowing to realize that back in her teenage years, she actually killed one of her classmates. Like Broderick, it was an accidental death via a car wreck, but the former First Lady apparently left a high school party and proceeded to run a stop sign, in the process smashing straight into the car being driven by 17-year-old Michael Douglas, who died at the scene. Bush doesn’t shy away from this tragedy, but despite rumors that it could have been a criminally negligent incident and there was suspicion of drunk driving, no charges were filed.


R. Kelly

While you probably didn’t realize that Broderick or Bush have been involved in such tragic incidents over the years, it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that singer R. Kelly has faced a jury of his peers before, and sadly, gotten away with numerous counts of statutory rape. He’s always been a creepy guy, from when he married a 15 year old to the times he videotaped himself having sex with, and peeing on, underage girls. Yet despite this overwhelming evidence of both statutory rape and child pornography, he was acquitted on all charges.


Mick Jagger

Back in 1972, Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger found himself in some serious hot water while on tour in Rhode Island. It seems that Jagger, along with Keith Richards and a few others, got into a fight with a photographer, and pretty much just beat the tar out of the guy. To make matters worse, Jagger and his crew resisted arrest and added obstruction to their laundry list of crimes on that particular night. Despite Jagger, Richards, and all pleading guilty to these crimes, the charges were suddenly dropped and nothing further ever came of the incident. Something tells us that if he was just some normal dude and not Mick Jagger, he wouldn’t have gotten away with it quite so easily.