8 Camera Type Choices Explained

  • January 18, 2011
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Film SLR Camera


This could be a scanned film SLR picture. Or a picture taken by a digital camera using a black and white filter. Or a Photoshop job. Isn't it sad you'll never know the truth?

Back to the restaurant metaphor. Take the second scenario: now, imagine that whatever you paid for the entire meal, you're paying that same amount for every single dish. That about describes the cost and effort of using a film camera. Do any of you even remember having to pay to develop film? It's a memory most of us would like to file away in the deep recesses of our brain. That is, if you even got around to it; most of us will have undeveloped rolls lying around our houses when the final one-hour-photo place closes its doors for good.

The only caveat is this: developing your own black and white pictures is an art form all in itself, and a worthy pursuit if you have the inclination, time, and money.




The song is now stuck in your head. You're welcome!

The one type of film camera we can get behind for everyday use is the Polaroid. They're quirky and fun, just like Zooey Deschanel, only they don't look quite as good and they don't hang around for quite as long.

The good thing about a Polaroid picture is that it's not a lifelong commitment. You don't have to come back to it thirty years from now and decide whether it's worth the effort of lugging on yet another move, because they fade over time. Not the best choice for your child's birth, but useful for less important moments.


Phone Camera


Is this one of those new-fangled camera phones...? Oh, yes. Yes it is. I didn't know your girlfriend could bend like that!

Once upon a time (i.e., five years ago) cameras on phones were useless. Take everything we said about cheap digital cameras, then add to that the fact that it's even harder to figure out a phone camera. And sending a picture message without an engineering degree? Good luck!

The phone camera is useful, however, for capturing those essential moments when it's literally the only camera you have on hand, like when you've just entered the kitchen to see the cat sitting in the dog's bed (cute!) or your drunk friend trying to crawl into the freezer naked (not as cute!)


No Camera


This is what your life looks like without a camera. A whole lot of nothing!

What are you, some sort of tribal Luddite who thinks that having a picture taken of you steals part of your soul? Don't you know how important pictures are? How else do you plan on remembering things when your memory is gone?

We will say this, though: taking pictures is great for holding on to memories, but sometimes that little glass window gets between you and real life. When you don't have to worry about taking pictures, you can enjoy the moment more. And chances are, there are more than enough people around willing to do all the work for you!

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