8 Bizarre Cases of UFO Sightings

  • February 20, 2014
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1991 in Ontario, Canada

In the town of West Carleton, Ontario, a woman named Diane Labenek claimed to have seen an unidentified flying object above a field near her home after hearing her dogs barking. Shortly after the ship took off and vanished, she claimed that a government helicopter appeared at the scene, quickly investigating before heading off in the same direction as the UFO, though there are of course no records of this. However, a few months later, a UFO researcher named Bob Oeschler received a package that included supposed military documents and a videotape featuring the same exact UFO that Labenek had supposedly seen. All of this is unconfirmed, of course, but makes this one of the most peculiar unsolved UFO sightings in recent history. It is believed to have most likely been a hoax, but it’s still too difficult to determine just who could have perpetrated the hoax, or why.


1980 in Dayton, Texas

In the small town of Dayton, Texas, there was an incident that has come to be known as the Cash-Landrum Incident, and is thought to be one of the most peculiar and bizarre UFO sightings in history. A pair of women, along with the daughter of one of the women, were driving home in the small town near Houston when they witnessed strange lights in the sky and a giant object that was, you know, kind of like a space ship, hovered above the road and blasted the pavement with flames, and all three individuals soon after suffered from a mysterious illness resulting from what a radiologist described as ionizing radiation. The cause, if it wasn’t a UFO, has never been determined.


1967 in Manitoba, Canada

Another of the most bizarre supposed UFO sightings in modern history took place at Falcon Lake in Manitoba, Canada, and involved a man named Stephen Michalak. Michalak was a prospector who claims to have encountered not one, but two UFO’s, and after investigating the objects, he was blasted with some sort of hot gas from an exhaust vent that left him with bizarre markings on his midsection and led to his being hospitalized. This remains one of the most bizarre cases of a UFO sighting on record simply because it’s one of the few in which the person who claims to have made contact with alien life suffered a very real, very strange injury. He suffered from nausea, headaches, and the odd burn markings in a very distinct grid shape across his abdomen. He was probably just into something super kinky, but neither he nor we can come up with a reasonable explanation, so let’s stick with a close encounter for now.


1987 in Wytheville, Virginia

In 1987 in the town of Wytheville, Virginia, three police officers all reported to have seen strange UFO’s soaring overhead, and after word got out, even more people began to come forward having seen a similarly strange flying object in the vicinity. One witness, Danny Gordon, believed it may have simply been planes refueling at a low altitude and went so far as to contact the Pentagon, which reassured him that planes were not permitted to refuel so low in the sky. Gordon, a news reporter, had been a skeptic until he went to investigate with a friend, when they claim to have personally witnessed the same UFO before being contacted by someone claiming to be from the CIA, and over the next few years, he claims to have witnessed the same phenomenon multiple times. To date, there remains no evidence and nothing to back up his claims.

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