8 Ancient Pirate Mysteries That Were Never Solved

  • December 10, 2017
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Green Flash Anomaly

Ever since the 1600s, a befuddling phenomenon has been spotted by both pirates and sailors. A strange beam dubbed the "Green Flash" often appeared on a clear horizon right after sunset. The pirates who saw it believed that any person who spotted the green beam would be given a supernatural ability of reading people's souls.


Haunted Pirate House

In the 1750s, pirates often stopped at Savannah, Georgia to take a break and rest. The pirates who arrived used to frequent and drink at one particular house. Apparently, there was a tunnel built underneath the house which pirates would use to secretly sneak into it. After a night of heavy drinking, the pirates were smuggled through the tunnel and taken to their ship. However, the place was notorious for violent crimes that happened inside which led people to believe that the house was haunted. Due to the frequent reports of mysterious voices coming from inside, the tunnel was sealed off. Later, the house was named 'Pirates' House' and today, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Georgia.


Cornish Cave Ghost

Cornish Cave in Cornwall, England is said to hide a ghost who is lurking for an opportunity to terrify anyone who dares to come near it. Allegedly, the ghost was identified as Willy Wilcox, an infamous pirate and smuggler who vanished while he was hiding in the cave’s passages. This creepy legend says that the tide trapped Wilcox inside as he attempted to hide and flee from the authorities. A recent photo from 2015 caused a lot of speculation when the man who took it claimed that Wilcox' ghost can be seen on the picture and in the cave.


The Legendary Kraken

In the pirate era, many people who stepped foot on a ship feared the terrifying Kraken. This huge monster used to frequently raid and destroy ships, leaving nothing behind. The supernatural creature was said to rule the waters, but, as time passed by, people slowly started to believe that it was just a story invented by drunken pirates and sailors. However, Mark McMenamin, a paleontologist, claims that he has discovered proof of a Kraken-like creature as he was analyzing the remains of an ichthyosaur, a sea dinosaur. Namely, McMenamin detected that the creature was similar to an octopus or squid, and pointed out that it lived almost at the bottom of the ocean. However, what struck him the most was an enormous fossilized beak that he discovered.