8 Absurdly Innovate Ways People Have Built Homes

  • March 17, 2014
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The School Bus House

Apparently, converting school buses into homes is not that out of the ordinary because it turns out several people have done exactly that over the years. In this case, we’ll focus on the handiwork of an architecture student named Hank Butitta, who bought an old school bus on Craigslist and promptly turned it into a cool mobile living space. To keep with the school theme, apparently, he used the stripped wooden panels of a school gymnasium to install hardwood floors and built custom transforming furniture that allowed him to transition from living space to sleeping quarters in a matter of minutes. It took him 14 weeks to convert the bus, which he promptly took on a 5,000 mile trek to prove it was livable.


The Garbage Truck House

Garbage trucks are big, powerful, and super dirty vehicles. After all, they haul, you know, garbage. So who would ever look at one and think, “I could live in that”? Well apparently someone has, because here’s an extremely modified garbage truck that is actually a nicer apartment than a lot of people could hope for, featuring hardwood floors, a full kitchen, and a lofted sleeping area. It’s kind of weird that we’re totally envious, right? Heck, living in a garbage truck is almost as crazy sounding as someone living in a dumpster. But of course that would never happen, right? Well, hang onto that thought for a couple entries…


The Airplane House

A lot of people hate flying because of the claustrophobia that comes with being confined to the small, cramped space of a fuselage. However, in the small town of Benoit, Mississippi, a woman named Joanne Ussery has turned the body of a Boeing 727 into an entire house. It cost a staggeringly low amount to procure the fuselage, as Ussery’s air traffic controller brother-in-law spent just $2,000 for the body of the plane and they then had to pay just $29,000 to move and renovate it. So for a mere $31,000, you, too can have a house that those castaways on Lost could only wish they had come up with from their perfectly good bit of fuselage that they ended up letting go to waste.


The Dumpster House

Have you ever thought to yourself, “man, that Oscar the Grouch sure knows how to live”? Well if you have, we’ve got just the house for you. That’s the dumpster house, designed by a California man named Gregory Kloehn, who spent a mere $4,000 turning an everyday, ordinary dumpster into a home away from home. It includes a kitchen, running water, a fully stocked bar, and yes, he can actually sleep in the thing if he wants. And because it’s a dumpster, it’s completely mobile. Basically, it’s like turning a dumpster into a small camper, only with a camper the local sanitation department is less likely to accidentally dump you into a garbage truck in your sleep.

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