7 Weird Ways People Try to Get Drunk

  • April 13, 2014
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Mainlining Booze

A lot of people have a serious fear of injections, and of needles in general. Well, you know what’s scarier than needles and injections? Loading up an IV with hard liquor and injecting it directly into your blood stream. This isn’t a particularly common way people are trying to get drunk, but it is absolutely one that’s been used before. In fact, it’s been used pretty publicly, with Jackass star Steve-O doing shots of vodka through an injection straight into his veins. Of all the methods for getting drunk on this list, we have to say this could very well be the most terrifying and absolutely insane of them all.


Pouring Vodka in their Eyes

Okay, so maybe this ranks right up there as the scariest way people try to get drunk. First of all, if you’re even considering doing this, just stop. Eyes are very important. Eyesight is very important. And your eyes? Well, you probably noticed their extremely sensitive. So why in God’s name would you ever even consider pouring a shot of hard liquor directly into your eyeball? Amazingly, this has been something of a trend, with people deciding it’s not nearly hardcore enough to simply take a dozen shots of vodka the old fashioned way. The crazy part? Folks in the medical field say this doesn’t even get you drunk, so you’re basically just damaging your eyeballs to try to seem badass, when it’s just making you look like a freaking idiot.


Butt Chugging

Sometimes you hear about something and just hope and pray it’s not real. It has to be fabricated, right? There’s not a chance in hell people could be so stupid as to participate in such an activity. Except, sadly, apparently we as a human race are a lot stupider than we’d like to believe, which is why something like butt chugging is allowed to exist. Yes, this is exactly what you think it is. Basically, people shove a funnel up their butts and pour booze down the funnel and straight up into the rectum. Not only does it make you look ridiculous to do it, but it can also be incredibly dangerous. A couple of years ago, for instance, a student at the University of Tennessee got severe alcohol poisoning via butt chugging, so it could potentially kill you. Of course if you’re actively chugging booze through your butt, we’re guessing it wouldn’t be such a terrible loss to the world at large.

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