7 Weird Minor League Baseball Fan Promotions

  • April 08, 2010
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Larr Craig Bobblefoot Night

Yes, we’re going back to the St. Paul Saints for this one. Not to be outdone by shows like South Park when it comes to topical humor, the Saints decided to take advantage of the misfortune of Senator Larry Craig, who many of you may remember was busted in a men’s bathroom trying to solicit sex…from a male police officer. Craig, who tapped his foot and moved it closer to the officer in the next stall in a sign interpreted as saying, “hey, let’s get it on,” was commemorated by the Saints not with a bobblehead, but a bobblefoot doll.

Instead of the usual oversized head bobbing all over the place, the bobblefoot doll was of a bathroom stall with a pair of feet dangling down beneath the door. And yes, the feet bob all over the place to illustrate how Larry Craig likes to hit the town on the prowl for some good old fashioned butt sex. We have to hand it to the Saints, we’re not sure even the guys from South Park could have come up with that one. But wouldn’t it be fun to see them try?



Speed Dating Night

If you’re not into the whole “finding love in the bathroom” thing like Senator Craig, then maybe you should check out Speed Dating Night, which is exactly what it sounds like. Back during the 2007 season, the New Britain Rock Cats decided to give matchmaking a whirl, inviting 25 single men and 25 single women to participate in their Speed Dating Night, which basically involved each man and each woman changing seats after every inning, finding themselves next to a new potential mate each time.

The daters kept scorecards not keeping track of the plays on the field, but grading these possible love interests. Insert your own “getting to first base, second base, etc” joke here. Sufficed to say, this might have been the only time in baseball history when a team encouraged someone not on the field to round third and head for home to try to score.

speed dating 1 a

Oh yeah, that’s the perfect setting for romance


Pre-Planned Funeral Night

You know, most people would be happy to win a prize valued at $6,500 from the local minor league ballclub. Of course, most giveaways aren’t geared toward reminding you of your impending doom. That’s exactly what the Hagerstown Suns did, though, when they had their Pre-Planned Funeral Night. The $6,500 package included a casket, embalming, the use of a funeral home and a death certificate to save one lucky fan’s family the trouble of having to shell out a single cent after their inevitable demise.

Frankly, I’m mostly just curious as to what you say when your friend tells you that he won a pre-planned funeral. “Hey, congratulations on the prize you can’t collect until you die! Also, my condolences for your family’s loss.”


“Lucky son of a bitch…”

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