7 Weird Hotels

  • January 07, 2010
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Jumbo Hostel

A lot of travelers have slept on a plane at some point, because it’s a good way to get some rest while you’re flying to your destination. The people behind the Jumbo Hostel hope that you enjoy sleeping on a plane so much you’ll be willing to do it on the ground too. A retired 747 jet has been modified to house 85 guests, plus a café. It’s just ten minutes away from the Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, which means you can hop off one plane and go sleep in another. There’s even a suite in the cockpit, and guests have a good view of air traffic going in and out of the airport.

jumbo hostel



Propeller Island City Lodge

This German hotel claims that you can “live in a piece of art”, as each room is designed with a specific artistic vision in mind. One room is painted entirely orange, another has its bed suspended from the ceiling (no overweight guests allowed in this one), and a third has walls made entirely of mirrors to make the room feel like a giant kaleidoscope. If you’re feeling particular morbid you can even sleep in a coffin; this hotel has an incredible variety of rooms.

propeller island city lodge



Hang Nga

This Vietnamese Hotel is built to look like a giant, whimsical treehouse. The tree is artificial but it’s covered in very real plant life, and the rooms have themes to match the tree setting. One room has giant ants on the walls, along with ant shaped lamps and coat hangers to complete the motif. The courtyard features giant spider webs mixed in with the foliage. Large branches jutting in and out of rooms at random really enhances the feeling of living in a giant tree.

hang nga


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