7 Sports Phrases That Make Us Snicker Like 12 Year Olds

  • July 13, 2010
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Pole Sitter

What it means: The driver starting from the pole, or first position in an auto race.

Why it makes us snicker: If you have to ask, then we just don’t know what to tell you, because this is the most obvious one on the list. Seriously, on a list filled to the brim with ridiculous double entendres, “pole sitter” takes the checkered flag. For those who are still a little confused as to why this makes us revert back to being juvenile and completely immature, a “pole” is also slang for a dude’s “piece.”

And if you’re being declared the pole sitter, well when you take a seat you’re in for quite a surprise. Unless of course you’re the best driver around, because at that point you’re probably pretty used to sitting on the pole. Not that we’re saying auto racing is gay, or anything. Right, Jeff Gordon?


We’re just sayin’, they don’t call him the “Rainbow Warrior” for nothin’…


Tight End

What it means: A position in American football that is part offensive lineman, part wide receiver, who functions as both a blocker and a pass catcher. He typically lines up tight to the end of the offensive line, hence the name.

Why it makes us snicker: For starters, when we think of a “tight end” we think of a Victoria’s Secret model and not so much a football player. However, every Sunday when we’re watching the NFL and we see Phillip Rivers roll out of the pocket looking for Antonio Gates, we can’t help but crack a smile and chortle a bit when the play by play guy says that Rivers “has his tight end open.” Really? Because that would make him a very popular guy in prison, though if he got too popular he’d probably be turned into a wide receiver.


Not all tight ends like to show off their, well, “tight ends” as much as Chris Cooley, of course


Working the Bag

What it means: When a boxer is in training, he will train with either a heavy bag (to practice punch power) or a speed bag (to improve hand quickness and hand/eye coordination).

Why it makes us snicker: Because seriously, “working the bag” sounds like something a hooker would be more proficient at than a prize fighter. Working the bag is crucial in a boxer’s training, but when Jim Lampley tells us that Floyd Mayweather spent a lot of time working the bag to get ready for his latest fight it makes us think he either jacks it way too much or really, really likes the members of his posse.


No one works the bag like Money Mayweather

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