7 Spooky Legends About Death Omens From Around the World

  • January 25, 2018
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In a world inhabited by more than 7 billion people, it's quite normal and expected that different cultures have different traditions, as well as rituals. In line with this, they do not only have various beliefs and superstitions about life, but also certain legends related to death and its omens. Depending on the culture, some of the legends are quite eerie, while others are seemingly innocent. Check out how certain cultures know that death is approaching through some really spooky omens.


Black Butterfly

No one can but love and admire the beauty and delicacy of a butterfly. But, there is one particular kind that should always be avoided – the black butterfly. According to many superstitions, a black butterfly symbolizes death, and if you see one in your home, a family member will pass away soon. Depending on the culture, the meaning of the black butterfly may vary. In South Texas, people say that it must be seen in each house corner to be viewed as an omen, however, in Hawaii, the black butterfly is actually a manifestation of a recently deceased loved one or family member who has returned to say their final farewell.


Seeing Your Doppelgänger

The word “Doppelgänger” comes from German and represents a spooky and usually evil replica of a human being. There is a widespread belief that if people spot their doppelgänger, they will pass away quite soon. A story has it that Abraham Lincoln, upon glancing at himself in the mirror, saw not one but a pair of his own reflections. The story goes that when he explained it to his wife, she made a prediction, saying that Lincoln will be president for a second term, however, she said that he would die before the term ends.


Knocks of Doom

Some cultures believe that if you hear someone knocking at your front door three times, it could be Death itself, telling you that someone in the house will die soon. Irish people consider the three knocks on the window or door as a death premonition, whereas Scottish people believe that the knocks mean death only if they are constantly repeated within several minutes. Native American, Jewish, and Indian people also believe that three knocks are linked with death.


Your Dreams

Generally, dreams may reflect our current state of mind, but many cultures believe that certain types of dreams may even announce a death. For instance, if you see multiple moons in your dreams, or if you happen to be walking through a dirty pond or mud, it could mean that death is near. Also, you should never assist anyone while they are putting on their clothes in a dream. Some cultures even believe that losing your teeth in dreams is also a premonition of death.