7 Memorable Rap and Hip-Hop Songs From Movies

  • July 05, 2011
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Humpty Dance, Digital Underground, The Green Hornet


Not sure what any of this has to do with hornets, or why the hornets are green...

Here's one of the many superhero movies that have been coming out lately, with varying degrees of acclaim and success. The Green Hornet didn't do too badly with critics and viewers, but it certainly didn't win any awards, either. Not that it makes us love Seth Rogen any less, of course, and it certainly doesn’t affect our fan-crush on the relatively new Jay Chou.

Another song from this movie's soundtrack is Gangsta's Paradise (we thought that song would show up again!) We think that the hip-hop sounds of the soundtrack are meant to differentiate the movie from other superhero films such as Iron Man, with its rock-heavy soundtrack, and X-Men, with its themes of electronica and orchestra.


Lose Yourself, Eminem, 8 Mile


Okay, so Eight Mile is a movie about Eminem rapping. What other kind of music would you expect to hear?

This movie is an interesting look into a way of life that many people will never get to experience up close. The song itself found widespread popularity, and the movie was kind of like a herald of how popular rap and hip hop would become in the 2000s. Rap, hip hop, and offshoots and combinations such as pop-rap and hip house, have continued to rise in popularity over the course of the last decade.


Black Suits Comin', Will Smith, Men in Black


Speaking of Will Smith rapping...

There could hardly be anything more different from Eminem rapping about his origins than Will Smith rapping about aliens, but that's one of the things that make rap and hip-hop such compelling musical styles: the variety of different directions you can take them in. Heck, just look at where he “sampled” from.

Will Smith's musical career ultimately wasn't destined to take off like the spaceships in the movie Men in Black; however, this pop-rap song was popular enough to reach the top of the charts in several countries, and to enjoy tons of airplay. And it's incredibly good at getting stuck in your head, even after all of these years.

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