7 Lamest Ripoffs of Popular Websites

  • June 16, 2010
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Anything that forces its American clients to recognize other cultures is doomed to failure.

Twitter is a unique and occasionally powerful social network. But more than that, it's an idea, a new idea, a fresh idea, an idea that begs for some scumbag in Silicon Valley with even less creativity than ethics to take the idea, right down to imitating the mascot, and trying to compete with it.

Yes, Koornk is a "microblogging" service, just like Twitter. The biggest thing that separates the two services is the fact that people actually use Twitter, and Twitter isn't the flagrant rip-off. Nice try, Koornk. We're looking forward to Ggid or FacePage.




Bleak, depressing… add some vodka and turnip and you got yourself a Russian stereotype.

OK, we have to admit, we do find it pretty funny that these Russians not only admit they're stealing from YouTube, but to make a bad pun about that into their name. Obviously stealing an idea and pretending it's yours is just sad and lame; blatantly stealing an idea and flat-out admitting it shows the kind of testicular fortitude we've come to expect from the Russians.

And to be fair, RuTube doesn't look exactly like YouTube; it's more a ripoff of the spirit of the site, rather than the site itself. Since it also happens to lack the cancer that is killing the world known as "Fred", it's actually probably better.




Sign in with your “Happy Smile Super Wish Name” and “Secret Love Magic Word”

If there's one huge success in social networking, in that it actually made money, it's Facebook. And there is no lack of lame Facebook ripoffs, especially ones with uninspired names like HumanBook. But Xiaonei takes stealing an idea and adds that lack of panache that only the Chinese can bring to it.

Xiaonei isn't just a ripoff of Facebook in idea form; it's a ripoff of Facebook right down to the design and color choice. It's literally a flagrant pirate copy of Facebook. They went in, stole the code, and created their own. You know, the Chinese idea of originality. Eventually, they're figure out that the West isn't joking about that whole "Intellectual Property" thing, probably when we start stealing their stuff.

Looking to defend your favorite knockoff Russian search engine? Got some funny examples of your own? Join the discussion in the comments below!

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