7 Huge Celebrities Who Used to Be Broke and Homeless

  • March 24, 2018
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The phrase 'from rags to riches' is often used to describe a struggle against all odds and is frequently applied to celebrities and their life stories. Many of the world's most famous celebrities have had it tough in their early days but have managed to rise from the ashes of their troubled past and live out their dreams. Even though they are rich and successful, you might not have known that the path to fame for these celebrities was incredibly difficult, as they spent their early days living on the streets and without a home. Here are some inspiring stories of 7 celebrities who used to be homeless but managed to turn their lives around and come out on top.


Daniel Craig

Craig is perhaps most known for his role in the James Bond movies, but his movie career started in the 1990s. Way before he became the elegant and mysterious man that we associate with James Bond, he worked as a waiter and there were times when he was forced to sleep on benches on the street. After putting in the hard work, Craig's career took off, and years later, he starred in some of the most successful James Bond movies.


Dr. Phil

Today, Dr. Phil is among the fifteen richest celebrities in the world, and his work has inspired millions of people. However, back when Phil McGraw was just a teenager, he separated from his family together with his father, and the two of them lived in their car for some time. They managed to find a small apartment and lived in it without electricity or running water. After managing to complete his studies and eventually earning a Ph.D., Dr. Phil started working for his father at his psychology practice. Eventually, he started to appear on 'Oprah' in the 1990s and got his own show shortly after.


Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey's family had a tough time when his dad became unemployed. They lost their home and were forced to live in a VW van for quite some time. Jim dropped out of high school when he was sixteen, and he started to do small stand-up gigs to support his family. Jim had an older sister who owned a home, so his family also lived in a tent in her backyard for some time. According to Jim Carrey, he managed to discover a unique sense of humor during those troubled times.


James Cameron

Cameron was a struggling writer who lived in his car while he was working on 'The Terminator.' Reportedly, Cameron wasn't focused on money back then and his only goal was to write and direct the movie. However, he was turned down by many companies because he was inexperienced. He sold off the rights to the screenplay for only one dollar to a producer who agreed to let him direct 'The Terminator' and in the end, the movie launched his career and made almost $80 million.