7 Examples of Urban Entertainment That Could End in Disaster

  • September 09, 2010
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Pub Crawling

pub crawling

And you thought that the

When it comes to pubs, one is good, two is better, and more is best. And also, if you were wondering, they do actually call it "crawling" because that's what you'll be doing by the end of the night if you participate in one.

The good thing about people going out to a bar to get drunk is that they are all contained in one place, and they generally don't go out and interact with the general public who may or may not be interested in how much of a "radical bro-sef" they are with the drunk people. When you combine the poor judgment that is inherent in spending a lot of time drinking alcohol with moving from one establishment of drinking to another, you're going to get a whole lot of drunken people let loose on the streets. It's easy enough for a cop to warn or arrest one person drunk in public, but when you have three hundred bearing down on you, you better have a police army.


Tomato Fights

tomato fights

Just add a little garlic and oregano to make a tasty sauce!

Not all examples of urban fun ending in disaster are constrained to the US. Take, for example, city-wide tomato fights:

But how can this possibly end badly? Tomatoes are definitely not one of the harder specimens in the fruit kingdom (yes, they’re a fruit, they have seeds). If someone said "let's go to the potato fight!" you'd know right away to avoid it like the plague. Here's the thing, though: pretty much anything, if hurled with enough force, hurts. And if you hurl that thing at a person over and over and over again, well, the pain just gets worse. The next thing to start flying might be fists, and pretty soon you don’t know your O-negative from your hothouse.


Running of the Bulls


Or the equally popular

This shouldn't even fall under the umbrella of "entertainment," but since many people view it as such, it's on the list.

We know that there are many things that people do for "fun" in which the main goal is to not die, including but not limited to: scuba diving, sky diving, thai kickboxing, and faking a break up with your girlfriend ("I think we should see other people... ha ha, just kidding, you should see your face!"). However, in general, if people do those things correctly, they should be in pretty good shape. There really is no way to do bull running in a manner that is not dangerous. Finding out whether or not you get seriously injured or die in the end is a complete surprise, like a morbid little prize at the bottom of an angry, rampaging cereal box.

Got some more insane activities from your urban center? Post it below! Written by Emma Larkins – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com Image Sources

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