7 Books That Should Would Make Great TV Shows

  • April 07, 2014
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The Passage

One of the most epic novels to be released in recent years, The Passage has long been “in development” as a movie but, as there doesn’t seem to be a ton of movement there, we’re going to go ahead and say that it should at least be considered as a television series. The Passage is a sweeping, post-apocalyptic, supernatural thriller that spans decades, with the government inadvertently setting off a catastrophic event that leads to more or less the end of the world and the rise of a group of vampire-like creatures who terrorize the remaining humans of the world. The novel goes into tremendous detail about the fall of civilization, and the development of the virus that creates the original vampire creatures (using death row inmates), before shifting nearly a century into the future to show the aftermath and quest for survival of the human race.


The Last Survivors

People love end of the world scenarios, as evidenced by so many of the titles on this list in addition to so many films, books, and TV shows we haven’t even touched on. The Last Survivors series begins with the novel Life as We Knew It, and tells the story of what happens after an asteroid hits the moon, bringing it closer to the Earth, and shifting the environment on our planet to a terrifying degree. Imagine a world where there are massive volcanic eruptions in New York City, along with numerous other cataclysmic events like tsunamis, earthquakes, and floods all over the world at a startling frequency, killing millions while others do everything in their power to stay alive in this harsh new world.


The Collector

Right up there with post-apocalyptic stories in terms of continued immense popularity is the supernatural genre, particularly when the people and beings involved in this supernatural activity are all pretty much normal, average folks thrust into a truly weird situation. If you’re the kind who likes that sort of thing, then The Collector series would be right up your alley, and we can only imagine how interesting it would be to see as, say, Showtime’s follow up to Dexter. We compare it to Dexter mainly because the main character is an antihero, like Dexter, though instead of Dexter he’s not collecting corpses, he’s collecting souls. There’s so much potential for dark humor in this urban fantasy that we have to think it would make one of our favorite shows almost instantly.

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