6 Weirdest Feats of Human Strength

  • January 27, 2011
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Rakesh Kumar


Hey look, another person from India’s general vicinity showing off the strength of a human body part usually not considered strong at all. We’re starting to notice a trend here and it freaks us out. Rakesh’s “thing” is his ears, which admittedly are very nice ears, probably very clean even, but where most people can at best sort of wiggle them a bit, Rakesh uses his side flaps to lift weights. In 2009, he lifted a 242lbs weight with his ears, breaking the Guinness world record which apparently existed.

How in Satan’s glorious name didn’t Rakesh mutilate himself on the spot, you ask? Special vices were employed in the breaking of the record, but still, in the end it all came down to muscle mass and physical strength. To achieve this bizarrely impressive feat, Rakesh admittedly had to train for 8 years but, dammit, was it worth it, seeing as now everybody knows his name and you totally did not hear about him for the first time on WeirdWorm. Time. Well. Spent.



Pierre Gasnier


Pierre Gasnier had everything going against him when it came to being a strongman. He stood at only 5’3”, weighted about 135 pounds, and he was a Frenchman named Pierre. Fate was clearly telling this guy “You’re not made for this, PIERRE (sarcastic tone). Go and open a homosexual bakery or something.” But did he listen? Nope. He grabbed a kitchen stool, lifted himself up and punched Fate right in its stupid, fat face, going down in history as the French Hercules. To put it shortly, this guy was freaking powerful.

For example, Gasnier could rip a deck of cards in two with his bare hands, as well as bend horseshoes (probably with his hands, though we wouldn’t be surprised if he did it by simply looking at them), and break real chains with nothing more than the strength of his chest. Legend goes that his nipples could cut diamonds, or it would have if we didn’t just make it up. But what is true is that Pierre could lift a 260lbs weight with just one hand, so yeah, he might not have had diamond-cutting nipples, but he was still pretty strong.



Tu Jin-Sheng And His Pupils


Master Tu is a Taiwanese teacher of qigong. Qigong is an umbrella term for various elements of Chinese philosophy, martial arts, and maybe even a powerful technique employed by Tien Shinhan in “Dragon Ball,” but that’s neither here nor now. What is here and now is Tu’s penis because his teachings emphasize the use of qigong for achieving downright terrifying feats with the strength of your man cannon. No, seriously.

In 2009, a pupil of Tu, the 70-year-old Huang Tian-Yu made the news by lifting 330lbs with his schlong. Shockingly, it wasn’t just a desperate attempt of this old man to feel something (anything) below the belt one last time. It is apparently a genuine form of training and you can’t deny that these guys have a point. After all, can you name a part of your body all men care more about than their penises?

But the unquestionably insaniest stunt perpetrated by Tu’s pupils is the one from October 2009 when three men dragged a truck (with 100 passengers inside) a meter across a Taipei parking lot. That’s 10 tons of weight being pulled by 3 Asian trouser snakes. You think if we surrender to Asia now they will go easy on us after they inevitably take over the world (with their dicks)?


Written by Cezary Jan Strusiewicz – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com

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