6 Weird Transportation Methods

  • June 28, 2010
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No, the HumanCar isn’t some terrible, Soylent Green style hybrid that uses fuel made of people. That’s coming next year. The current model HumanCar is a four person road vehicle that runs on pure manpower.

It’s sort of like a handcar, except you’re in constant physical danger of getting crushed by an actual car, as well as constant emotional danger of being laughed off the road. Its makers claim it can go upwards of 60 mph, which is pretty impressive, and it also features a “bi-lateral human power interface,” which is a polite way of saying “there’s no engine, so start working those puny biceps, tubby.”

Unfortunately, it’s not commercially available yet, although there are opportunities to get your hands on a prototype. The manufacturer’s website says they hope the HumanCar will be commonplace by 2068, and while we admire their pro-green attitude we have to worry about a company that isn’t expecting to turn a profit for another five and a half decades.




If you love going to multiple bars during the same night but have had one too many drunk driving “incidents,” then the PedalPub is for you! It’s a ten person bike (plus room for six freeloaders) designed to look like a bar, and any exercise you get from moving the unholy combination around town is immediately negated by all the beer you chug once you reach your destination. Or just drink on your way there, and cut out the middleman. The choice is yours!

The PedalPub isn’t something you can buy, unfortunately, although technically nothing’s stopping you from building a knockoff in your garage. Those of you who are less cheap can go to Minnesota and book a tour on the real deal. It’s the perfect fit really, because what else is there to do in Minnesota besides get wasted?

Sadly, between the cost (up to 190 bucks per hour) and location, this isn’t something that can replace your daily commute. But we think the people behind the PedalPub are visionaries; there may just be one lonely vehicle in Minnesota today, but it won’t be long before you can hop on one of these things in any major city and drink all the way to the office. At least, that’s the beautiful future we’re imagining.



Martin Jetpack

Everybody’s wanted a jetpack at some point in their lives. If we have to explain why that is, then you’re dead inside, and while you have our condolences you aren’t going to get anything out of the following information so you might as well stop reading now.

We’ll get right to the point: A company in New Zealand has developed a jetpack that they want to make commercially available by late 2010.

Is it affordable? No. Efficient? No. Quiet? No. Practical? No.

Despite all of that, is it awesome? F*#$. Yeah.

For the cost of 50,000 New Zealand pounds, you can purchase a device that supposedly can go up to 60 mph while reaching a maximum height of 2400 metres. You could have the most badass trip to work ever, and be the envy of everyone at your office. You could attempt to become a noisy, clumsy and generally ineffective Rocketeer. Or you could just fly over your neighbour’s backyard, yell “Look at me b#$%*, I’m on a god d#$% jetpack!” and then crash through his bedroom window and make love to his wife. The possibilities are endless. Endless, and amazing.

martin jetpack

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