6 Weird Scientific Studies

  • July 08, 2010
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Sherman's Study

More specifically, LW Sherman's study of glee in small groups of preschool children. This is exactly what it sounds like: one researcher, hopefully not in a white, unmarked van, studied children's "glee," characterized by "joyful screaming, laughing and intense physical acts which occurred in simultaneous bursts or which spread in a contagious fashion."



The study identified causes of this happiness in the children, such as "teacher requests for volunteers," which makes us wonder if it was a class or a magic show. Another cause was "unstructured lags in lessons" because, you know, laughing maniacally at intervals of trouble is normality itself. As for another cause being "gross physical-motor actions,"… well… if by that the study refers to the celebrations and high-fives carried out when someone farts in public, then maybe we at WeirdWorm are not all that different from preschoolers.


Oral Sex Among Bats

Researchers have now discovered that during intercourse, female short-nosed fruit bats like to, to be figurative, lick the "bananas" of their partners. Basically, a biologist and his colleagues paired male and female bats in cages and rigged the cages with infrared cameras to record their "mating behavior."


Exactly the sort of thing you want near your junk.

During their viewing of the videos, the researchers report that: "after the male mounted the female from behind, she bent over and began licking his penis." The report suggests the fellatio may be a possible ploy to increase copulation time, in a move that left us wondering if it's us who don't understand how bats work or the researchers who don't know how sex works.

Now, you might say this is not a proper study. After all, the researchers saw everything by accident, right? So then, all of this information is not a formal study but an accidental discovery, right? Perhaps yes, it was all an accident. Perhaps it was totally by accident that the team put together a report mentioning that "for every 1 second of licking, the female bats gained 6 seconds of copulation."



Ensuring No one Blinks During a Photo

Everyone knows your photo is often snapped at the exact moment you blink your eyes, ruining the entire photo. While we at WeirdWorm are content to take a pencil and color us up some shiny sunglasses in such photos, Nic Svenson and Piers Barnes chose to walk the more creative route of doing an actual study ensure that nobody in a group photo will have their eyes closed.

The researchers got to work gathering data affecting blinking during photos. For example, they found that when a photographer mentions people blinking during photos, we tend to blink more, showing either how self-conscious we humans can be or how, deep down inside, we're all just jerks.

After gathering the data, the two reduced the human race into probabilities and numbers using mathematics and learned that to be 99% certain of getting a photograph with everyone's eyes open, thirty people standing in bad light would need to get thirty photographs snapped. According to the source linked, Piers even came up with a general rule of calculating the number of photos needed for groups of less than 20 people: "divide the number of people by three if there's good light and two if the light's bad."


The certainty percentage may be raised through surprise colonoscopies.

Of course, here at WeirdWorm, we have our own method of ensuring no one in our pictures blink. Unfortunately, it requires the presence of a female photographer and absence of a shirt.

Are you working on teaching mice to sew dockers? Studying some kind of tropical killing tree? Willing to lie about being a scientist? Post a comment below!

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